There is one more OH Zoom Certamina before the State Championship on Sat March 6.  It is on Sat Feb 20, 9-11ish am.  Fill out the google form to play or help out.
Here is the online sign up for the Feb 20 Zoom Certamen.  Deadline is Thurs Feb 18 at 11:59 pm.
Results of the Jan 16 OH Zoom Certamen
Winners should fill out this Google form asking for their addresses to send them prizes.  PRIZES FOR ALL 3 ZOOM CERTAMINA WILL BE MAILED THIS WEEK, SORRY FOR THE DELAY!!!
Novice – 10 players from 3 schools
  • 1st place, Summit:  Hana Conte, Aaron Fraley, Emily Bolan, Callie Fox
  • 2nd place, Sycamore:  Ella Chi, Emily Zhao, Brianna Luo
  • 3rd place, Sycamore / Walnut Hills:  Yohaan Thakur, Rachit Gupta, Karna Kajjar

Intermediate – 14 players from 7 schools

  • 1st place, Columbus Academy/Mt. Notre Dame:  Ceci Ritter, Daphne Laufersweiler, Elizabeth Mansfield
  • 2nd place, Seven Hills:  Gabrielle Walker, Nora Donovan
  • 3rd place, Sycamore:  Jonathan Breeze, Maya Chamberlin, Allie Leech

Advanced – 15 players from 8 schools

  • 1st place, Perseus Academy/Shaker Heights: Jeremy Vacca, Will Corbin
  • 2nd place, Summit Country Day: Jimmy Fraley, Wali Khan
  • 3rd place, St. X/Sycamore: Nicholas Stanis, Alicia Luo
Results of the Dec 12 OH Zoom Certamen 
  • 60+ students from 11 different schools
  • 17 volunteers – 8 teachers, 11 SCLers
  • 3 Zoom rooms, 1 for each level
  • The rooms started around 9:15 (3 rounds + finals), and novice was done at 11:00, intermediate at 11:30, and advanced at 12:00
Novice Winners:
  • 1st, Summit:  Aaron Fraley, Hana Conte, Haley Baker, Emily Bolan
  • 2nd, Mount Notre Dame / Walnut Hills / Sycamore:  Libby Kershner (MND), Karna Gajjar (WH), Claudia Celsor (WH), Brianna Luo (Syc)
  • 3rd, Sycamore / St. Edward / Royalmont:  Rachit Gupta (Syc), Luke Feran (St. Ed), Jack Stanovic (St. Ed), Andrew Angeles (Royal)
Intermediate Winners:
  • 1st, Sycamore – Maya Chamberlin, Allie Leech, Katelyn Cheng
  • 2nd, Mount Notre Dame – Clara Venia, Daphne Laufersweiler
  • 3rd, Seven Hills / Columbus Academy / Walnut Hills – Margaret Tenney (7H), Ceci Reitter (CA), Ben Krietemeyer (WH)
Advanced Winners:
  • 1st, Shaker – Will Corbin, Ellen Keefe, Sanjana Khot
    2nd, Sycamore – Alica Luo
    3rd, St. X / Perseus Academy – Nicholas Stanis, Jeremy Vacca
The Sat Nov 21 OH Zoom certamen went well!  
  • 40+ students from 11 different schools
  • 13 adult volunteers
  • 3 Zoom rooms, 1 for each level
  • The rooms started around 9:15 (3 rounds + finals), and all were finished by 11:15
Novice Winners:
  • 1st – Luke Feran (St Ed), Aaron Fraley (Summit)
  • 2nd – Haley Baker (Summit), Benji Nguyen (St Ed)
  • 3rd – Daniel Choi (IHill), Chris Marquard (St Ed)
Intermediate Winners:
  • 1st – Patrick Khayat (Shaker), Jacob Cook (St Ed), Ben Krietemeyer (Walnut), Ceci Reitter (Columbus)
  • 2nd – Ty Wiggenhorn (St Ed), Allie Leech (Syc), Erin O’Donnell (Mariemont), Hadi Seffo (St Ed)
  • 3rd – Leo Ishida (Shaker), Maya Chamberlir (Syc), Margaret Tenney (7Hills), Justin Salazar (St Ed)
Advanced Winners:
  • 1st – Will Corbin (Shaker), Pablo Reed (Walnut), Lucy Gee (Marie)
  • 2nd – Sanjana Khot (Shaker), Pierce Bruner (Syc), Jimmy Fraley (Summit)
  • 3rd – Kate Hahnenberg (Shaker), Alicia Luo (Syc), Erin Finn (7Hills)