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2022 OJCL Convention Information

Ways to study for the academic tests:

2021 OJCL Convention

the schedule of events for the weekend!

Summit Music Video 2020

Directions to submit Graphic Arts projects!

Link to cut and paste your Modern Myth

Link to cut and paste your Poem

Directions for the Cartoon and Storytelling Panels and Multimedia

Here are the ID numbers for submitting your projects!

The convention is entirely virtual. It starts Fri March 5 at 5 pm and ends Sun March at 2:30 pm. Students are not required to attend all the events, but are encouraged to participate as much as they are able. The schedule for the weekend has not yet been released.

Information about convention:



Want to win $ at the convention talent show?  Sign up for OJCL’s Got Talent!  Audition is Fri night, actual performance is Sat night.  Performances can be singing, dancing, playing an instrument, stand-up comedy, anything that is entertaining.

Congratulations to senior Mike Hall for winning a half-scholarship to the state convention from the Ohio Senior Classical League, the organization of college students which helps to organize the convention.