Fall Forum was a new event started in 2016 that acts as a “mini State Convention” for a day. It includes Open Certamen, Ludi, Impromptu Art, service projects like Project Linus, Awards and Prizes, and much more.

Fall Forum will be virtual this year on Saturday, October 17th! It is held in conjunction with the OCC (OCC Event FlyerOCC Schedule)

Click here to find the OJCL flyer for Fall Forum!

Sponsors: Click here to register your students for Fall Forum. The event is free! Once registered, you will receive a Zoom link to share with your students for the day’s events.

Students: Click here to register for certamen

Check out this video introducing the officers and welcoming you to Fall Forum!


10:30-11:30 Impromptu Art (with President Chloe Constantinides & 2ndVP Abby McKee)

Submission (we will accept them until 1:00!  Leave e-mail box blank, it is being weird)

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Officer Contact Info Form

10:30-11:30 Colloquia Live Stream

Each colloquium will be presented two times. You can check them out while making your impromptu art!

First session- 10:40 – 11:00

Second session- 11:10 – 11:30


Intro to OJCL Convention & Spirit (with Treasurer Alicia Luo & Historian Gie Wilson) 

Virtual OJCL Q&A (with Gubers Lindsay Sutherland & Alyssa Ferrari) 

 Running for Office Virtually (with Parliamentarian Abby Almaguer & Secretary Jimmy Fraley)

Service (with Guber Pierce Bruner) 

Social Media Management for Local Clubs (with 1stVP Jenny Hu & Editor Kendall Richard) 

12:30-1:30 Academic Tests

12:30-1:30 Interview with an Expert! (watch here or check out our IGTV! @ohiojcl)

2:00-3:00 Certamen Click here to register for certamen


We’ll have 2 levels- (A) people with little to no Latin and/or certamen experience (Latin I and less competitive IIs) and  (B) experienced, with questions and modified rules for III and up (competitive IIs welcome). Click here to watch!


3:30- 3:45 Prize Assembly

Winners! Fill out this form so we can send your prizes!


4:00-5:30 Xavier University John W. Rettig Lecture


“Memory in Death: Cato in the Younger in the Age of Caesar,” Fred K. Drogula, Charles J. Ping Professor of Humanities and Professor of Classics, Ohio University (for more information and Zoom link, click here);