The Ohio Junior Classical League (OJCL) is the state organization which promotes the study of the Latin language and classical civilization.

The OJCL is part of the National JCL, which has over 47,000 members, making it the largest organization in the world dedicated to the study of classical civilization.

Governor Kasich's declaration that April 19-25 is OHIO CLASSICS WEEK!
Governor Kasich’s declaration that April 19-25 is OHIO CLASSICS WEEK!

The OJCL is divided into 3 regions:  North, Central, and South. In 2017, the OJCL celebrated its 67th year of keeping the torch of classical civilization alive, with 29 chapters and 1,009 students.

2 OJCL chapters are Century Clubs with over 100 members. They are:

  1. Madeira (115)
  2. Summit (104)
Catch the spirit!

Each year, the OJCL hosts a convention in Columbus which brings together over 800 students, teachers, and parents from across the state of Ohio to celebrate the study of Latin.  There are a variety of competitive activities at the convention:  academic tests, art contests, certamen, and creative performances (in both English and Latin).  In addition, the convention offers a number of social activities, including a dance, a toga banquet, and OJCL’s Got Talent!

The convention is a wonderful opportunity for Ohio Latin students to earn recognition for their academic & artistic achievements, to gain leadership skills in the state organization, and to make new friends from around the state.