Projects may be created either in the 2019-2020 OR 2020-2021 school year. 

Only ONE project may be submitted for each category. 

E.g.  Student Larry submits a watercolor painting created in 19-20, a colored pencil drawing in 20-21, and a small model created in 19-20 but he CANNOT also submit a small model created in 20-21. 

Guidelines for Graphic Art Contest Submissions

Students should submit their work as a Google Folder portfolio (max: 12 pieces) and share with

The subject of your email should be your OJCL ID# (GRAPHIC ARTS).

In the body of your email, you MUST include your first and last name, current grade,

OJCL ID#, and school.  This information will be for the chair of the contest only.

The portfolio folder should be titled with the student’s ID number and (GRAPHIC ARTS).

No names (student, teacher or school) should appear anywhere in the portfolio.

Individual pieces within the portfolio should be well-photographed and titled ID#  (CATEGORY). Example: 123456789 (CHARCOAL)

Remember to transfer ownership of the Google Folder to

N.B. Projects will be judged by categories as in previous years, however the judging system will be updated to make the process smoother

Two-Dimensional Fine Arts

  • Charcoal Drawing
  • Colored Pencil Drawing
  • Ink Drawing
  • Mixed Media
  • Oil & Acrylic
  • Pastels
  • Pencil Drawing
  • Photography, Computer Enhanced
    -For a photo to be considered Computer Enhanced, it must be changed or edited in a more substantial way than a color tone edit.
  • Photography, Traditional
    -Color, Black & White, Sepia, and any color tone changes to the photo are included in this category.
  • Watercolor

Three-Dimensional Fine Arts

  • Ceramic Pottery (clay)
  • Jewelry
  • Mosaics, Tile
  • Mosaics, Other
  • Sculpture, Ceramic (relief or in the round)
  • Sculpture, Non-Ceramic (relief or in the round)
  • Woodworking/Metalworking

Illustrated Art

  • Constructed Charts
  • Constructed Maps
  • Constructed Posters
  • Drawn Charts
  • Drawn Maps
  • Drawn Posters
  • Games
  • Illustrated Children’s Book
  • Illustrated Quotations


  • Decorative Stitching
  • Dolls
  • Large Models
  • Small Models
  • Textilesdivider

    PHOTOS of Winning Projects from past years: