Historian Ellie Kammerer started the Photo of the Season contest in 2017. Every season, students are invited to submit any one photo of a JCL-related event. The photo must be taken during that season (e.g. photos taken in the summer cannot be submitted to the Winter category). View the full rules here.

Winners get extra points added to their scrapbook submission at the OJCL Convention in March, $25 for a Latin Club pizza party, recognition at State Convention, and a feature on OJCL social media accounts!

Winter 2021-1st Place: Lindsay Sutherland (Columbus Academy)

1st Place: Lindsay Sutherland of Columbus Academy

Latin club and Service Board team up to host a socially distanced bread baking day to provide Faith Mission with over 800 fresh rolls.

2nd Place: Abbi Acurio of Medina

Medina students gather for a group photo.

3rd Place: Jimmy Fraley of Summit

The Summit Latin Club held a socially distant pizza-movie night, where we watched a PG version of the movie Troy. Here you can see Latin students in grades 7-12 watching the movie!

Fall 2020-1st Place: Alex Frohn (Seven Hills)

1st Place: Alex Frohn of Seven Hills

“Seven Hills Latin club president, Daniel Goldfeder, participated in pumpkin painting with other club members.”

2nd Place: Jimmy Fraley of Summit

The Summit Latin Club hosted a socially distant pizza-movie night, where we watched Disney’s Hercules and made cards for kids in the hospital.

3rd Place: Sarina Duncan of Wyoming

The Wyoming Latin Club officers plan ways to engage students of all ages virtually at the park!

Spring 2019-1st Place: Jimmy Fraley (Summit)

1st Place: Jimmy Fraley of Summit

“All the delegates after Latin Convention”

2nd Place: Melissa Flores of Madeira High School

“This photo was taken on March 9th during the Dance Party at the 69th OJCL Latin convention in 2019. It shows the energy of everyone’s excitement for the Latin language through the bright neon lights and portrays the immense amount of OJCL-ers who showed up to dance away after the first sun of convention set whilst they await the rise of the next day. Their shadows lurk in all corners as there was barely enough room in to contain their enthusiasm for our most beloved language.”

3rd Place: Emma Tucker of Madeira High School

“1st VP candidate Lucia Boadas is introduced by her friend Gabe Valento. Way to represent Madeira!”

Fall 2018- 1st Place: Gie Wilson (Wyoming High School)

1st Place: Gie Wilson of Wyoming High School

“This picture was taken October 21 at our Armilustrium event where the club participated in many activities including chariot racing, classically themed games, the sacrificing of the October horse (a pinata), and of course a sword fighting championship, the victor of which is depicted here after vanquishing her final opponent.”

2nd Place: Katy Dimmit of Madeira High School

“Madeira JCL students begin preparations for state convention club projects!”

3rd Place: Holland Cavanaugh of Ursuline Academy

“In UA’s first Latin Club meeting of the year, the officers organized a classics-related game involving stations.  While other teams compete digitis micare, picitonary, and chariot wheelbarrow races, this team tests their Latin knowledge with certamen.”

Spring 2018- 1st Place: Alex Grass (Seven Hills School)

1st Place: Alex Grass of Seven Hills School

Two students, Zoe Parlier (12) and Kyle Plush (10), celebrate the classics by dressing up as Persephone and Hades. Moments like there are what make The Seven Hills Chapter of OJCL special and the whole chapter is grateful for the love and support from the OJCL community.”

2nd Place: Summer Holt of McAuley High School

“Two McAuley delegates celebrating MCA’s last year in the JCL at 2018 OJCL convention!

3rd Place: James Speed of Summit Country Day School

“The picture is of our Latin lit certamen god, Patrick Casanas, at the MND certamen.”

Fall 2017 – 1st Place: Kimberly Dryden (Saint Ursula Academy)

1st Place: Kimberly Dryden of Saint Ursula Academy

Ex Obscuritate at the Out of the Darkness Walk in Cincinnati.”

2nd Place: Julia Shin of Shaker Heights High School

“Annual chariot racing at Mrs. Murphy’s house, featuring local celebrity and co-consul Meredith Modlin… and JV Geoff.”

3rd Place: Katlyn Havlin of McAuley High School

“McAuley Latin Club painted mythology themed pumpkins for the local Sisters of Mercy Convent. They are being displayed in the dining hall and the Sisters really appreciate them!”

Winter 2018 – 1st Place: Katlyn Havlin (McAuley High School)

1st Place: Katlyn Havlin of McAuley High School

“Convention season is in full swing here at McAuley as we tirelessly work to complete our banner!”

2nd Place: Caroline Gaede of Indian Hill High School

“Corinthian column on a brisk winter day.”

3rd Place: Holland Cavanaugh of Ursuline Academy

“Counting the proceeds from the Latin Club’s all-school casual dress day with officers Ellie and Hannah, also known as Diana et Poppaea.”

Summer 2018 Photo Submissions: due by July 18th, 2018