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2022 State Convention Theme:  Emitur sola virtute potestas.  “Power is purchased by virtue alone” (Claudian, Panegyric on the Third Consulship of Honorius)

Latest Announcements:

South Make a Difference Day!

We will be preserving a trail and removing invasive species at California Woods Nature Preserve on December 4th, 2021, from 1-4 PM. Click here for a flyer. Please fill out the Google Form and waiver linked here. (11-22-21)

Interested in buying OJCL merch? Click here to visit our online shop. (10-11-21)

Click here for the OH 2021-2022 Certamen schedule (10-10-21)

Here is the Scavenger Hunt List

Sat Oct 9, 9:15 am – 4:30 pm (academic, service, artistic, social):  Fall ForumThis is a mini-convention, with an academic test, certamen, a talk by a Classics professor, impromptu art, and more.  Click here for the schedule and more information. You can arrive late or leave early.

Interested in playing Certamen this summer? Interested in trying out for Ohio’s Certamen teams for NJCL convention? Interested in finding out more about Certamen and connecting with fellow OJCLers? Interested in doing it for FREE?! Check out OJCL’s new Summer Certamen Camp, organized by current OSCLer and former OJCLer Alan Zhang! (5-29-21)
Gubernator applications for 2021-2022 are available! They are due by 11:59 pm on April 2nd. They will be voted on and notified on April 11th. Editor and Historian applications are now available and will be due at 11:59 pm on April 16th. They will be appointed and confirmed on April 24th,  following our changeover meeting. (3-15-21)
The Winter Torch is out! You can access it using this link: (3-4-21)
First Place: Lindsay Sutherland, Columbus Academy
Second Place: Abbi Acurio, Medina
Third Place: Jimmy Fraley, Summit
Important Elections update: The State of Emergency offices this year are First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. State of Emergency occurs when there are fewer than two candidates pre-filed for a particular office, and some of the restrictions regarding who can run for office are dropped.
Students interested in running State of Emergency should complete the attached State of Emergency form and submit a scan or picture, along with typed answers to the questions on the blank Pre-File form to by 11:59 on Monday, March 1 (2-18-21)
Here are the Google Forms for submitting Modern Myth and Poetry. The deadline for both is Tuesday 2.16 at 11:59 pm (2-11-21)
Students interested in pre-filing for office can find the application here. (2-2-21)
–Some important reminders: Students may not pre-file for an office that a member of their delegation currently holds. Students MUST have permission from their sponsor and parent to pre-file and run. No more than TWO delegates per delegation may pre-file for office. Only ONE delegate from each school may pre-file for each respective office. No pre-convention campaigning. Candidates who pre-file may not appear on OJCL social media prior to convention or on the virtual “stage” during convention. (e.g. during their school’s roll call). Please contact with any questions!
Check out the Convention page for updates about the 70th OJCL state convention (virtual)! (1-22-21)
Submit to Winter Photo of the Season! Submissions due February 7th. Click here for a flyer. (1-21-21)


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