Definition, Please: Dr. Bailly, Covfefe, and Orthography: an article from President Emeritus Tino Delamerced! (6/15/17)

Want the Classics professors of Miami University to visit your classroom and/or Classics Club and to introduce them to literary, historical, or cultural topics from the ancient world? Click here to find out how to do it!

Priest Translates ‘Diary Of A Wimpy Kid’ Into Latin For Young Learners Of The Ancient Language  (05/09/2015)

This article about 4 Perfects on the National Latin Exam by Ben Robertson (Shaker Heights) and Connor Tomshack (St. Edward) celebrates their extraordinary achievement and details the importance & relevance of Latin.  (6/22/14)

Want to learn about how Latin can pay for college?  (1/15/14)

  • Click on ‘scholarships and awards’ at the top of the Ohio Classical Conference website for links to Latin scholarships both in Ohio and outside Ohio.
  • Sterg Lazos, a Latin teacher at St. Edward, has compiled this list of ways that Latin can earn you fame and fortune.

Here is an article about the August 2013 retirement of long-time Latin teacher and OJCL sponsor William Prueter of West Geauga.  His school consistently placed 1st in the ‘Academic Per Capita’ competion at the State Convention. (9/16/2013)  The truth and the legends about the Greek mathematician Archimedes.  Eureka!  Lego Colosseum!  Here, in his Natural Histories, Pliny the Elder describes different qualities of papyrus, the reason for the names, and the methods of papyrus construction.  This is a fun article with some ancient Greek approaches to the present day debt-crisis of Greece.  This 7 minute PBS news clip discusses a new book ‘The Swerve’ (by Stephen Greenblatt) which points out the importance of Lucretius & his ideas as well as the accidental preservation of his work On the Nature of Things.   The curator of the British Museum discusses the famous Discobolus sculpture.  He also mentions a new version of the sculpture by a Chinese artist which will be on display during the upcoming London Olympics.  Here is an article on the same topic:  A classics major discusses the importance of the classics in modern society.  This audio clip from National Public Radio praises the mini-series ‘I Claudius’ and recommends the DVD set on the 35th anniversary of this historical drama.  The location of Odysseus’ Ithaca.  Scroll down to the April 21st 2011 clip to see what happens in the Pantheon every vernal equinox and every April 21st (Rome’s birthday).  The author of ‘Cleopatra’s Moon’ discusses the uglier aspects of Greek myths.  This blog discusses the Hunger Games and the influence of Greece and Rome.