Want to learn about how Classical studies can pay for college?

  • Click on ‘scholarships and awards’ at the top of the Ohio Classical Conference website for links to Latin scholarships both in Ohio and outside Ohio.
  • Sterg Lazos, a Latin teacher at St. Edward, has compiled this list of ways that Latin can earn you fame and fortune.

Scholarships for the Classics available in Ohio (list compiled from the Ohio Senior Classical League):

The Junior Classical League offers several scholarships. NJCL Scholarships include:

  • Belle Gould NJCL Scholarship (amount of $1500)
  • Jessie Chambers NJCL Scholarship (amount of $1500)
  • Rhea Miller NJCL Scholarship (amount of $1500)
  • Red & Rhea Miller NJCL Scholarship (amount of $1500)
  • Sr. Jeanette Plante Scholarship (amount of $1500)
  • Renata Motiu Scholarship (amount of $1500)
  • Margaret & Eugene Halligan NJCL Scholarship (amount of $1500)
  • Maureen O’Donnell NJCL Scholarship (amount of $1500)
  • Susan and Dennis Webb Scholarship (amount of $2500)
  • Doris L. Kays Scholarship (amount of $1500)

The NJCL Latin Honor Society offers the Anne B. Covington National Latin Honor Society Scholarship for the amount of $2000. Click here to learn more about this scholarship.

The National Latin Exam offers scholarships for academic achievement. Click here to learn more about ways to earn scholarships through the exam.

This article demonstrates the real value of a Humanities major.

You will be surprised how many famous & successful people studied Latin.

Jesse and his teacher (me!)
Jesse Campbell ’15, recipient of the Anne B. Covington NLHS Scholarship, and his teacher, Larry Dean.