Each year, the OJCL hosts a convention in Columbus which brings together over 800 students, teachers, and parents from across the state of Ohio to celebrate the study of Latin.  There are a variety of competitive activities at the convention: academic tests, art contests, certamen, and creative performances (in both English and Latin).  In addition, the convention offers a number of social activities, including a dance, a toga banquet, and OJCL’s Got Talent! State Convention is also an opportunity for students to run for the OJCL Executive Board. Delegations compete in various contests to win prizes and recognition in Overall and Per Capita.

Future Convention Dates


March 5-7, 2021 


 Suadeo a te impetres ne sis nugax.

“I advise you to ask of yourself not to be a fool.”

Petronius, Satyricon 52


The 2021 Convention will be held virtually!

OJCL Virtual Convention Information Document! This document has almost all of the information you need!

Convention Registration Update: Convention Registration will be due on Monday, February 1, 11:59pm

Contest Information Specific to 2021:

This information is not exhaustive but is intended to be a rough guide. If you have questions or ideas, please reach out to me asap.

Graphic Arts:

-Students will submit a portfolio of projects

This is to limit the number of uploads/transfers/etc. needed by students and in some schools, sponsors

-Projects will be judges by categories as in previous years, however the judging system will be updated to make the process smoother

-Students MAY submit work that was created in EITHER the 19-20 or 20-21 school year HOWEVER, students MAY NOT submit more than one project for any given category

Creative Arts:

-Students will all compete on Saturday, February 27th to live judges via zoom links. Sponsors, please mark this date in your calendar as we will need many judges, even if you have only done certamen in the past, we may need your help.

-Students must be preregistered by February 1, so that we can create adequate time for judging sessions

-I am currently reconsidering our normal limits on how many students from a given school can compete in these contests and will have more information shortly

-Passages for Latin Recitation will be the same as announced for 2020

-Students may use the Costumes topic posted for OJCL 2020 or NJCL 2021 but may only compete with one costume

-There will be no Sight Latin contests


-Testing will take place during convention, timing will be announced with the convention schedule. All testing will be online.


-Certamen Team registration is due February 27

-Certamen will take place during convention


-Students MAY submit work that was created in EITHER the 19-20 or 20-21 school year HOWEVER, students MAY NOT submit more than one project for any given category

-Here are the Google Forms for submitting Modern Myth and Poetry. The deadline for both is Tuesday 2.16 at 11:59 pm


-Clubs MAY submit work that was created in EITHER the 19-20 or 20-21 school year HOWEVER, students MAY NOT submit more than one project for any given category

-As the convention theme is the same as last year, t-shirts may be from last year or this year, but you may only submit one. Click here to submit your images!

-In place of a new t-shirt for this year, we have added a Mask contest. This is NOT based on the convention theme. It should be related to the Ancient Mediterranean World. Click here to submit your images!

Skit Contest Guidelines 2021 (hint: it is now a short video!)

Important Elections update: The State of Emergency offices this year are Second Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. State of Emergency occurs when there are fewer than two candidates pre-filed for a particular office, and some of the restrictions regarding who can run for office are dropped.
–Students interested in running State of Emergency should complete the attached State of Emergency form and submit a scan or picture, along with typed answers to the questions on the blank Pre-File form to parliamentarian@ojcl.org by 11:59 on Monday, March 1
Students interested in pre-filing for office can find the application here.
–Some important reminders: Students may not pre-file for an office that a member of their delegation currently holds. Students MUST have permission from their sponsor and parent to pre-file and run. No more than TWO delegates per delegation may pre-file for office. Only ONE delegate from each school may pre-file for each respective office. No pre-convention campaigning. Candidates who pre-file may not appear on OJCL social media prior to convention or on the virtual “stage” during convention. (e.g. during their school’s roll call). Please contact parliamentarian@ojcl.org with any questions!

Contest Deadlines and Important Dates:
Convention Registration: Monday, February 1, 11:59pm
Creative Arts Registration: Monday, February 15, 11:59pm
Graphic Arts PROJECTS: Sunday, February 7, 11:59pm (all graphic arts projects will be submitted online)
PreConvention PROJECTS—Myth/Poetry: Tuesday, February 16, 11:59pm
Creative Arts Time Sessions Announced: Saturday, February 13
Candidate Pre-File Deadline: Sunday, February 14, 11:59pm
Club Contests PROJECTS: Tuesday, February 23, 11:59pm
Creative Arts Competition: Saturday, February 27
Certamen Registration deadline: Saturday, February 27
State of Emergency deadline: Monday, March 1, 11:59pm

Unfortunately, the 2020 convention has been cancelled. Click here for more information (3-10-20)

The 70th OJCL Convention Program (2020 edition) is here! (3-4-20)

View information from previous state conventions here.