Each year, the OJCL hosts a convention in Columbus which brings together over 800 students, teachers, and parents from across the state of Ohio to celebrate the study of Latin.  There are a variety of competitive activities at the convention: academic tests, art contests, certamen, and creative performances (in both English and Latin).  In addition, the convention offers a number of social activities, including a dance, a toga banquet, and OJCL’s Got Talent! State Convention is also an opportunity for students to run for the OJCL Executive Board. Delegations compete in various contests to win prizes and recognition in Overall and Per Capita.

Future Convention Dates

72nd OJCL State Convention, March 10-12, 2023!  Back to the 3-day convention, Fri to Sun, at the Crown Plaza Columbus-North Worhtington

Convention Theme:  omnium enim rerum principia parva sunt, “For the beginnings of all things are small”, (Cicero, De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum 5.58)




March 12, 2022 – One day in person convention this year!

 Emitur sola virtute potestas.

“Power is purchased by virtue alone.”

Claudian, Panegyric on the Third Consulship of Honorius

2022 OJCL Convention Program (edited by Secretary Katelyn Cheng)!

2022 Full Convention Schedule

Here is a the big document with tons of helpful information for convention this year!

Here is the link to the google form for pre-file candidates.

Information for SCLers going to convention:

View information from previous state conventions here.