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Not sure what category your project should be? Confused about a requirement? Have a general question about the rules? Email vpres2@ojcl.org your concern!


Topics for 2024!

Music Video topic: Imperfect Tense

Commercial topic: Persephone/Proserpina

Monologue: Circe and Odysseus

Comic Panel Story Telling: Septimius Severus

Costume: Mythology in the Stars: Constellations of the Zodiac


Topics for 2023!

Music Video topic: Cincinnatus

Commercial topic: Sacred Chickens of Rome

Monologue: Orpheus and Eurydice

Comic Panel Story Telling: Asclepius

Costume: A Journey to the Underworld: The Sixth Book of Virgil’s Aeneid


Topics for 2022!

Music Video topic: Infinitives

Commercial topic: Ancient Olympics

Monologue: Phaethon and Helios

Comic Panel Story Telling: Etruscans

Costume: The Ancient Sea

(N.B. Contestant(s) must choose a character from ancient Latin or Greek literature that relates to the theme above.  If students compete as a pair, the two characters they choose must have a connection to the theme and to each other)


Topics for 2020/2021!

Music Video topic: Hercules

Commercial topic: City of Rome



Cumaean Sybil

Couples –  Apollo and Artemis (N.B. this does not align with NJCL!)

Monologue: Nero and Agrippina

Comic Panel Story Telling: Monster Origin Stories


Topics for 2019!

Music Video topic: Dative Case

Commercial topic: Pan


Boys – Lucius Tarquinius Superbus

Girls – Tullia (Minor)

Couples – Numa Pompilius and Egeria

N.B. NJCL has another Costume Character that OJCL will not be offering this year. Please see NJCL.org for more information on this.

Monologue: Diana and Actaeon

Comic Panel Story Telling: Stories from Jason & the Argonauts


2018 Best of Show!

Topics for 2018!

Music Video topic: Horatius Cocles (at the bridge)

Commercial topic: Emperor Hadrian


Boys – Ixion

Girls – Danaid

Couples – Hades and Persephone

Monologue: Julia (daughter of Caesar) and Pompey the Great

Comic Panel Story Telling: Illustrated Poetry.  Take a lyric poem or chunk of epic poem (translated) from the Classical canon and illustrate the contents in panel form.


Check out the 2017 Best of Show!

Music Video topic: Latin Pronouns

Commercial topic: Aqueducts


Boys – Laocoon

Girls – Iphigenia

Couples – Priam and Hecuba

Monologue: Baucis and Philemon


Check out the 2016 Best of Show!

2016 Topics:

Panel/Comic Storytelling: Roman Legends (i.e. early stories such as Horatius, Mucius, Cloelia, etc., NO mythology)

Music Video topic: Seven Kings of Rome

Commercial topic: Hephaestus

Monologue:  Paris and Helen


Boys –  Odysseus

Girls – Calypso

Couples – Scylla & Charybdis



Multimedia, Skit, Commercial, and Music Video must be postmarked by Feb 11th.

*must include submission form

Poetry and Modern Myth must be posted on OJCL.org by 11:59pm on Feb 11th.

Cartoon, Panel/Comic Storytelling, Service, and Publication must be emailed to the appropriate person 11:59pm on Feb 11th.

*the email must include a PDF file of the entry AND in the body of the email it must include the information listed on the submission form.


2015 Topics!

Panel/Comic Storytelling: Origin Stories

Music Video topic: the Present Tense

Commercial topic: 2nd Punic War

Monologue: Apollo and Daphne


Boys – Phaethon

Girls – Circe

Couples – Aphrodite and Hephaestus


Take a look at the 2014 submissions for Commercial (Nero), Music Video (Ablative Case), and Club Video (the story of the club)!

Creative Arts Contests 2014

Banner Rules Updates for 2014

Music Video topic: the Ablative Case

Commercial topic: Emperor Nero, his life and reign.

Monologue: Medea and Jason


Boys – Helios

Girls – Eos

Couples – Selene and Endymion

Update for the 2013 Club Construction Contest!

This year, in lieu of the Club Construction Contest, the board will be hosting the first ever Club Video Contest! Much like the Club Construction Contest, each school will be allowed to submit one video representative of their club to answer the prompt:

(to be announced at convention)

The video must fit the following criteria:

  • 10-30 seconds in length
  • Addresses the prompt
  • No inappropriate content (all school rules apply in the production of the video)
  • The video must be sent in by a sponsor
  • The video may be submitted in any format playable on a computer

Videos must be recorded at OJCL Convention after the contest has been introduced at GA. One representative will record their school’s video and send it to the Second Vice-President via the following email:


This video is for the use of the OJCL Convention only.  It may not and will not be published in any format (YouTube, OJCL website, etc.), but may be shown only during a GA at convention.  Submission of a video for this contest is giving the OJCL your permission to show the video at convention.  Please remember to only film people with their permission.

Listed above are the convention contest pages as well as the rules in downloadable format.