There are 9 Academic Contests at the OJCL Convention.  3 tests are offered at each testing session.

Each test is 75 multiple choice questions – the 1 exception is Reading Comprehension, which has 50.

OJCL Test Reference List

Here is the schedule for the Academic Contests:

  • Session I, Fri, 8:45-10:15:  Latin Literature, Latin Vocabulary, and Mythology
  • Session II, Sat, 12:15-1:45:  Roman Life, Reading Comprehension, Derivatives
  • Test Session III, Sat, 2:00-3:30:  Grammar, Pentathlon, Roman History

Here are all the 2012 OJCL Convention Tests:

Here is a statistical analysis of the 2012 OJCL tests (# taken by each level, 1st place & 10th place score, average score, etc).

Here are all the 2010 OJCL Convention Tests:

Here are the 2003 OJCL Tests and answers:  ojcl.2003.tests and

Here are the 2005 OJCL Tests and answers:  ojcl.2005.tests and

Here are the 2009 OJCL Tests and answers:  ojcl.2009.tests and