It takes all of us to achieve our vision.

The Ohio Junior Classical League is made up of dedicated student officers and adult volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure the best possible experience every year. Elected by members of the OJCL, student officers work with three incredible State Chairs in order to seek the best with the highest as their goal.

If you’re curious about our roles, check out the Constitution and By-Laws.

If you’d like to ask us a question, please contact us.

Previous Executive Boards

Minutes of Executive Board Meetings

President Jenny Hu


Jenny Hu
Grade: 11
School: Seven Hills
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Raspberry Dark Chocolate Chip
Favorite Part of JCL: The incredible people!

First Vice President Kendall Richard

1st Vice President

Kendall Richard
Grade: 11
School: Summit Country Day
Favorite Animal: Turtle
Favorite Part of JCL: Being part of such an amazing community with such great people

Second Vice President Lindsay Sutherland

2nd Vice President

Lindsay Sutherland
Grade: 11
School: Columbus Academy
Favorite God: Hestia
Favorite Part of JCL: Dressing up for the Roman Banquet

Secretary Katelyn Cheng


Katelyn Cheng
Grade: 10
School: Sycamore
Favorite Board Game: Clue
Favorite Part of JCL: The amazing community and meeting people with similar interests

Treasurer Abby Almaguer


Abby Almaguer
Grade: 11
School: Summit Country Day
Favorite Color: Lilac
Favorite Part of JCL: The community and all the people I have met

Parliamentarian Nicholas Stanis


Nicholas Stanis
Grade: 10
School: St. Xavier
Favorite Animal: Meerkat
Favorite Part of JCL: The unification found within friendly competition

Historian Alexandra Leech


Alexandra Leech
Grade: 10
School: Sycamore
Favorite Book: The Song of the Lioness
Favorite Part of JCL: Getting to know so many wonderful people

Editor Alexander Nanda


Alexander Nanda
Grade: 10
School: Columbus Academy
Favorite Food: General Tso’s Chicken
Favorite Part of JCL: Getting to meet new people and build new friendships!

North Guber Will Corbin

North Gubernator

Will Corbin
Grade: 11
School: Shaker Heights
Favorite Flower: Hyacinth
Favorite Part of JCL: Meeting amazing people while exploring what I love

Central Guber Natalie Allen

Central Gubernator

Natalie Allen
Grade: 9
School: Wellington
Favorite Book: Red White & Royal Blue
Favorite Part of JCL: Playing Certamen and making art for convention

South Guber Jimmy Fraley

South Gubernator

Jimmy Fraley
Grade: 11
School: Summit Country Day
Favorite TV Show: Gotham
Favorite Part of JCL: Community and Certamen

The State Chairs (

Important dates for the OJCL Executive Board:

  • July 25-29, 2022: 69th NJCL Convention, University of Louisiana, Lafayette
  • September 17, 2022: Fall Planning Meeting
  • October 15, 2022: Fall Forum
  • January 7, 2023: Winter Planning Meeting
  • March 10-12, 2023: 72nd Annual OJCL State Convention
  • April 22, 2023: Changeover Meeting
  • July 22-27, 2023: 70th NJCL Convention, Emory University
OJCL Executive Board 2017-2018
OJCL Executive Board 2019-2020! Top row (L-R): Alex, Alan, Krish, Ryan, Craig; Bottom row (L-R): Hannah, Lucia, Maggie, Ali, Chloe, Bea

Ohio Senior Classical League (OSCL) – all the OSCL officers

2021-2022 OSCL Executive Board

  • President: Kirby Cross (Columbia College Chicago, formerly of Madeira) –
  • Vice-President: Ryan Burns (University of Pennsylvania, formerly of Summit Country Day) –
  • Secretary: Ellie Kammerer (University of Cincinnati, formerly of Mercy McAuley) –
  • Treasurer: Caroline Klette (The Ohio State University, formerly of Summit Country Day) –
  • Parliamentarian: Alan Zhang (Northeastern University, formerly of Walnut Hills) –
  • Historian:  Maggie Jutze (University of Alabama, formerly of Indian Hill) –
  • Editor: Elizabeth (Lizzie) Mushaben (Ohio Wesleyan University, formerly of Mercy McAuley) –
  • OSCL Primary Adviser Abbey Witzgall (At-large, formerly of University of Cincinnati, formerly of McAuley) –
  • OSCL Secondary Adviser Margaret Kammerer (Indiana University, formerly of University of Cincinnati, formerly of McAuley) –