Pre-register your projects here.

All Graphic Arts projects must be pre-registered in order for them to be judged — this is how the judging forms are created and the results are tied back to you.  There is no penalty if you pre-register a project but do not bring it to Convention.

Graphic arts project pre-registration is due by March 6, 2018.

PHOTOS of Winning Projects from past years:







Two-Dimensional Fine Arts

  • Charcoal Drawing
  • Colored Pencil Drawing
  • Ink Drawing
  • Mixed Media
  • Oil & Acrylic
  • Pastels
  • Pencil Drawing
  • Photography, Computer Enhanced
    -For a photo to be considered Computer Enhanced, it must be changed or edited in a more substantial way than a color tone edit.
  • Photography, Traditional
    -Color, Black & White, Sepia, and any color tone changes to the photo are included in this category.
  • Watercolor

Three-Dimensional Fine Arts

  • Ceramic Pottery (clay)
  • Jewelry
  • Mosaics, Tile
  • Mosaics, Other
  • Sculpture, Ceramic (relief or in the round)
  • Sculpture, Non-Ceramic (relief or in the round)
  • Woodworking/Metalworking

Illustrated Art

  • Constructed Charts
  • Constructed Maps
  • Constructed Posters
  • Drawn Charts
  • Drawn Maps
  • Drawn Posters
  • Games
  • Illustrated Children’s Book
  • Illustrated Quotations


  • Decorative Stitching
  • Dolls
  • Large Models
  • Small Models
  • Textiles