If you would like to submit suggestions for amendments to the OJCL Constitution and By-Laws, do so here at this link.

OJCL Constitution

This document states the purpose of the OJCL and sets up the governing principles of the organization.

  • The most recent update to this document was March 4, 2017. Important changes include:
    • Only 3 Gubernators will now be part of the Executive Board for 3 regions: North, Central, and South. (2/16)
    • A spending limit for campaigns now exists. (2/16)
    • There will be no more than three statewide officers from the same chapter. (3/17)
    • No student can hold the same office more than one time. (3/17)

OJCL By-Laws

The By-Laws provide a comprehensive guideline that explains various rules, duties, and other information regarding the OJCL.

  • The most recent update to this document was January 2018.
  • In Jan 2018, an additional ‘social media’ duty was added to the 1st Vice-President:  “to run official OJCL social media created with the permission of the State Chairs, overseen by the President, and with advisement by the board for the purpose of promoting the OJCL”
  • Article 5 of the By-Laws includes the duties of the various officers.


OJCL officers often release guides for officers at the local and state level to use. The guides are meant to provide helpful information and tips on various aspects of the JCL.

Important dates for the OJCL Executive Board:

  • March 8-10, 2019: OJCL Convention – All officers are expected to arrive soon after 6 pm on Thursday, March 7.
  • Changeover Meeting

Below are the emails to contact the various members who lead the OJCL.
This group includes:  the 3 State Chairs; the 6 elected student officers; the 5 appointed student officers; and the officers of the Ohio Senior Classical League (college students who support the purpose of the OJCL).

If you’d like to contact the Executive Board, see our contact page or email us.

execboard@ojcl.org – all student officers + their sponsors + the state chairs

OSCL – Ohio Senior Classical League

sclboard@ojcl.org  Email all the OSCL officers

  • President –  Jason Long, formerly of Madeira, now at University of Cincinnati, jasonlong.oh@gmail.com 
  • Vice President – Ryan Divine, formerly of Covington Latin, now at University of Cincinnati divinera@mail.uc.edu
  • Treasurer – Margaret Kammerer, formerly of McAuley, now at University of Cincinnati, kammerms@mail.uc.edu
  • ?Secretary – Tullus Dean, formerly of Summit, now at Xavier University, deantullus@gmail.com
  • Parliamentarian – Julia Cardinal, formerly of McAuley, now at Duquesne University, jbcardinal33@hotmail.com
  • ?Historian – Meredith Modlin, formerly of Shaker Heights, now at Northwestern University, meredithmodlin@gmail.com
  • Editor – Kirby Cross, formerly of Madeira, now at Columbia College Chicago, kirbycross715@gmail.com 
    • OSCL Primary Adviser – Lindsay Pappas, formerly of Ursuline, formerly of University of Notre Dame, formerly of Indiana University, lindsay.a.pappas@gmail.com
    • OSCL Secondary Adviser – Michelle Martinez, formerly of Walnut Hills, formerly of University of Cincinnati, formerly of University of Illinois m.martinez3993@gmail.com