It takes all of us to achieve our vision.

The Ohio Junior Classical League is made up of dedicated student officers and adult volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure the best possible experience every year. Elected by members of the OJCL, student officers work with three incredible State Chairs in order to seek the best with the highest as their goal.

If you’re curious about our roles, check out the Constitution and By-Laws.

If you’d like to ask us a question, please contact us.

Previous Executive Boards

Minutes of Executive Board Meetings

President Joseph Delamerced

Joseph Delamerced
Grade: 12
School: Summit Country Day
Favorite Sports Team: Cincinnati Bengals
Favorite Part of JCL: Fall Forum – it’s great to reconnect with everyone right after Nationals has concluded.

1st Vice President Caroline Klette

1st Vice President
Caroline Klette
Grade: 12
School: Summit Country Day
Favorite Animal: Red panda
Favorite Part of JCL: The photographers – JCLers take so many good photos of each other, especially at Nationals!

2nd Vice President Aquila Simmons

2nd Vice President
Aquila Simmons
Grade: 11
School: Wellington
Favorite Band: Coldplay
Favorite Part of JCL: All the talented students I’ve met and the wonderful friends I’ve made.

Secretary Jason Suh

Jason Suh
Grade: 12
School: Shaker Heights
Favorite Athlete: LeBron James
Favorite Part of JCL: Whether it’s at the state Bazaar or the national Agora, I love the creativity that people have with JCL apparel.

Treasurer Grant Bruner

Grant Bruner
Grade: 11
School: Sycamore
Favorite Roman Emperor: Trajan
Favorite Part of JCL: The sense of community and pride that emerges inside and between schools at JCL events (and, of course, spirit!).

Parliamentarian Julia Dean

Julia Dean
Grade: 11
School: Summit Country Day
Favorite Teacher: Larry Dean Lisa Mays
Favorite Part of JCL: Playing Certamen because I’m a big fan of bonus visuals.

Historian Ellie Kammerer

Ellie Kammerer
Grade: 11
School: McAuley
Favorite Flower: Dahlia
Favorite Part of JCL: The immense love that everyone shares for the Classics, and the millions of different ways we can express that love through the OJCL!

Editor Taylor McGowan

Taylor McGowan
Grade: 12
School: Columbus Academy
Favorite Book: The Night Circus
Favorite Part of JCL: Being surrounded by hundreds of wonderful people who are just as passionate about the Classics as I am!

North Gubernator Owen Kranz

North Gubernator
Owen Kranz
Grade: 12
School: St. Edward
Favorite Food: Mac and cheese in a waffle
Favorite Part of JCL: Meeting new people from all over the country at Nationals.

Central Gubernator Marcus Grewal

Central Gubernator
Marcus Grewal
Grade: 11
School: Columbus Academy
Favorite Music Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Favorite Part of JCL: The passionate and welcoming community which proves that Latin is by no means “dead.”

South Gubernator Hanna Zandvakili

South Gubernator
Hanna Zandvakili
Grade: 11
School: Indian Hill
Favorite ActorDylan O’Brien
Favorite Part of JCL: How we all come together to make each other feel welcome while sharing the love we all have for Latin.

The State Chairs (

Important dates for the OJCL Executive Board:

  • March 9-11, 2018: OJCL Convention – All officers are expected to arrive soon after 6 pm on Thursday, March 8.
  • April 21, 2018 (12:30-3:00): Changeover Meeting (on Rome’s birthday!)
  • July 23-28:  NJCL Convention at Miami University (Oxford, OH)
  • Sept 15, 2018:  Fall Planning Meeting
OJCL Executive Board 2017-2018
OJCL Executive Board 2017-2018! Top row (L-R): Aquila, Marcus, Grant; Middle row (L-R): Hanna, Joseph, Jason, Taylor; Bottom row (L-R): Caroline, Ellie, Julia [Not Pictured: Owen]

Ohio Senior Classical League (OSCL) – all the OSCL officers

2018-2019 OSCL Executive Board

  • President: Jason Long (University of Cincinnati, formerly of Madeira) –
  • Vice-President: Ryan Divine (University of Cincinnati, formerly of Covington Latin) –
  • Secretary: Tullus Dean (Xavier University, formerly of Summit) –
  • Treasurer: Margaret Kammerer (University of Cincinnati, formerly of McAuley) –
  • Parliamentarian: Julia Cardinal (Duquesne University, formerly of McAuley) –
  • Historian:  Meredith Modlin (currently at Shaker Heights, college TBD) –
  • Editor: Kirby Cross (currently at Madeira, college TBD) –
  • OSCL Primary Adviser Lindsay Pappas (Latin teacher at Bedford North Lawrence High School (IN), formerly of Ursuline Academy, formerly of University of Notre Dame, formerly of Indiana University) –
  • OSCL Secondary Adviser Michelle Martinez (Latin teacher at Walnut Hills, formerly of Walnut Hills, formerly of University of Cincinnati, formerly of University of Illinois) –