It takes all of us to achieve our vision.

The Ohio Junior Classical League is made up of dedicated student officers and adult volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure the best possible experience every year. Elected by members of the OJCL, student officers work with three incredible State Chairs in order to seek the best with the highest as their goal.

If you’re curious about our roles, check out the Constitution and By-Laws.

If you’d like to ask us a question, please contact us.

Previous Executive Boards

Minutes of Executive Board Meetings

President Ryan Burns

Chloe Constantinides
Grade: 12
School: Wyoming
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough
Favorite Part of JCL: Viewing amazing graphic arts projects.

1st Vice President Lucia Boadas Pena

1st Vice President
Jenny Hu
Grade: 11
School: Seven Hills
Favorite Animal: Bear
Favorite Part of JCL: The incredible people!

2nd Vice President Ali Winter

2nd Vice President

Abby McKee
Grade: 12
School: Medina
Favorite God: Hades
Favorite Part of JCL: The friends and the memories we make together (which is painfully cliché I apologize)

Secretary Alan Zhang

Jimmy Fraley
Grade: 11
School: Summit Country Day
Favorite Board Game: Monopoly
Favorite Part of JCL: Community and certamen

Treasurer Maggie Ridgeway

Alicia Luo
Grade: 12
School: Sycamore
Favorite Anime: Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation
Favorite Part of JCL: Contests

Parliamentarian Krish Gupta

Abby Almaguer
Grade: 11
School: Summit Country Day
Favorite Animal: bee
Favorite Part of JCL: The welcoming community and the wonderful people I’ve met!

Historian Alex Grass

Gie Wilson
Grade: 12
School: Wyoming
Favorite Book: The Book Thief
Favorite Part of JCL: Losing my voice from spirit!

Editor Hannah Shane

Irene Calderon
Grade: 11
School: Summit
Favorite Fictional Character: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Favorite Part of JCL: Crab People!

North Gubernator Craig Bush

North Gubernator
Alyssa Ferrari
Grade: 10
School: Medina
Favorite Flower: Sunflower
Favorite Part of JCL: Creating all the fun projects for state convention

Central Gubernator Bea Sull

Central Gubernator
Bea Sull
Grade: 11
School: Columbus Academy

Favorite Movie: Titanic
Favorite Part of JCL: Meeting like-minded people interested in the Classics.

South Gubernator Chloe Constantinides

South Gubernator
Pierce Bruner
Grade: 10
School: Sycamore
Favorite Video Game: Titan Quest
Favorite Part of JCL: The general sense of community that brings us all together!

The State Chairs (

Important dates for the OJCL Executive Board:

  • September 26, 2020: Fall Planning Meeting
  • October 17, 2020: 5th Annual OJCL Fall Forum
  • January 2021: Winter Planning Meeting
  • March 5 -7, 2021: 70th Annual OJCL State Convention
  • April 2021: Changeover Meeting
OJCL Executive Board 2017-2018
OJCL Executive Board 2019-2020! Top row (L-R): Alex, Alan, Krish, Ryan, Craig; Bottom row (L-R): Hannah, Lucia, Maggie, Ali, Chloe, Bea

Ohio Senior Classical League (OSCL) – all the OSCL officers

2020-2021 OSCL Executive Board

  • President: Julia Dean (University of Cincinnati, formerly of Summit Country Day) –
  • Vice-President: Kirby Cross (Columbia College Chicago, formerly of Madeira) –
  • Secretary: Ellie Kammerer (University of Cincinnati, formerly of Mercy McAuley) –
  • Treasurer: Ryan Burns (University of Pennsylvania, formerly of Summit Country Day) –
  • Parliamentarian: Richard Garber (University of Florida, formerly of Westlake) –
  • Historian:  Caroline Klette (The Ohio State University, formerly of Summit Country Day) –
  • Editor: Elizabeth (Lizzie) Mushaben (Ohio Wesleyan University, formerly of Mercy McAuley) –
  • OSCL Primary Adviser Abbey Witzgall (At-large, formerly of University of Cincinnati, formerly of McAuley) –
  • OSCL Secondary Adviser Margaret Kammerer (University of Cincinnati, formerly of McAuley) –