Thanks to all students who submitted Pre-Convention Contest Entries for OJCL 2018! Below are the top entries, by contest.

Modern Myth

First Place, Lower: Tide Strong (Kendall Richard, Summit)

Second Place, Lower (Tied): Raging Fires of California (Anna Catherine Sansalone, Summit)

Second Place, Lower (Tied):The Birth of Hunting, Farming, and a New Culture (Eileen Jones, McAuley)

Third Place, Lower: The Origin of the Solar Eclipse (Jimmy Fraley, Summit)


First Place, Upper:The Groundhog’s Tale (Ashley Bushman, McAuley)

Second Place, Upper:Where the Mushrooms Grow (Sarah Hoag, Medina)

Third Place, Upper:The Origin of Chivalry: To Please Men’s Egos, Not to Benefit Women (Audrey Felton, St. Ursula)


First Place, Lower:  A Letter to Demeter from Persephone (Irene Calderon, Summit)

Second Place, Lower (Tied): Life is a Laurel (Abby McKee, Medina)

Second Place, Lower (Tied): Athena’s Words of Wisdom (Emery Cunningham, Indian Hill)

Third Place, Lower:What Ovid Said (Anna Seyerle, Wyoming)

First Place, Upper:Love Conquers All: The Heroides & More Concerning Love in the Ancient World (Gabby Warren, St. Ursula)

Second Place, Upper (Tied):The Eruption (Gretchen Stanford, Madeira)

Second Place, Upper (Tied): Dum Spiro Spero (Ellie Kammerer, McAuley)

Third Place, Upper: The Death of Tears (Kathryn Sullivan, Summit)

Cartoons / Panel Comics