Seven Hills: 2014 OJCL Level 1 Champions!
Seven Hills: 2014 OJCL Level 1 Champions!

The OH State Certamen Championship takes place at the annual OJCL Convention in late Feb/early March.  Three preliminary rounds and the semi-finals occur on Saturday morning, and the finals are held Saturday night.

For the local and state competitions, the syllabus for the NLE is the basic guideline for the difficulty of questions for the different levels.  Intro to Latin & Level 1 for Novice, Level 2 for Intermediate, and Levels 3-5 for Advanced.

Here are the rules for the OJCL State Championship (2017).

Here are the 2011 OJCL Certamen questions:  Novice (prelim’s & semis)  Intermediate (prelim’s & semis)  Advanced (prelim’s & semis)  Finals (all 3 levels)

Here are the 2012 OJCL Certamen questions:  Level 1 (prelim’s & semis)    Level 2 (prelim’s & semis)    Upper Level (prelim’s & semis)    Finals (all Levels)

Here are templates with the proper distribution of questions:  Novice and Intermediate Levels  Upper Level