OJCL Historian Anna Richey (Indian Hill) – 4th in the Nation for State Scrapbook!!
Thurs the 29th – Day 4
In the days before remote controls and ESPN and web pages, there was a show on the weekend called ‘ABC’s Wide World of Sports.’  The intro had clips of various highlights, and Jim McKay did the voice-over, which he always ended with ‘the thrill of victory …. and the agony of defeat.’  Well, there was some agony today, but there was also a great deal of thrills.
Go Shaker Heights! Emma, Evelyn, alumnus Michael, and Ezra
The 3 certamen teams all played in the semis in the morning, but they were unable to qualify to the Finals.  The Novice team had a great team round, with all the players getting toss-ups and earning points.  But the #1 seed Mass team got off to an early lead and maintained it throughout the match.  Final result:  Mass 150, OH 90, IL 50.  The future looks bright for OH certamen as the team now moves to the higher levels of competition in the coming years.  The Intermediate team played GA and #2 seed IL, who jumped out to a quick lead.  Led by the quiz buzzes of Tino and Mollie, OH clawed its way back into the match.  Going into the 20th and final question (which is worth 10-20 pts), IL lead OH by a mere 5 pts.  GA, in a distant 3rd place, did a quick buzz and took the final points.  The team was quite disappointed, since they had come so close to the big stage of the Finals.  But the OH delegation was proud of their effort and were very impressed with their knowledge and determination.  The Upper team also did not fare well.  They were down at the start, then fought back by the halfway mark.  But the #3 seed VA team took control in the last half of the match.
The 2011 Ohio Upper Level Certamen Team
3 of the members have graduated and are heading off to college next year – Paul Slater (Boston University), Andrew Boudon (Holy Cross), and Nathan Patterson (Johns Hopkins).  All 3 have been an integral part of the OH Certamen teams the past few years, and they will be missed.  Both Paul and Andrew are pursuing degrees in the Classics.  And both Paul and Andrew are receiving ‘full rides’ at their schools because of their work in Latin.  In addition, Paul was honored (and surprised) at the GA today with a renewable $1,200 NJCL scholarship.  It is called the ‘Renata Motiu Scholarship,’ in honor of the donor’s former Latin teacher.  Some say that Latin is dead, but this ‘dead’ language is paying for their college education (and some spending $, too!).  Well done, gentlemen!
Paul with the creator of the scholarship, Arvind Venkat (NJCL President 1992)
Here are some highlights from the day:
  • Sam Buck was elected NJCL Parliamentarian!  One anecdote:  During the Open Forum, a goofy question is always included, and Sam had to answer the timeless query, ‘NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?’  Without hesitation, Sam replied:  ‘Definitely Backstreet Boys!  I’ve loved them since ’98, and I have to stay true.’  Yeah, Sam!
Sam Buck, after the announcement of election results
  • Ludi is the term used for team sports, state vs. state.  This year, there are soccer, kickball, basketball (in a very hot gym), and ultimate frisbee.  In basketball, OH got 2nd place to IL for the 2nd straight year.  Ultimate is Fri morning, and OH is the defending champs with a number of veteran players from Youth & High School leagues.  At fellowship, Natalie Pearl (Summit) offered this advice to the delegation:  ‘Ludi sports are a great way to meet people from other schools in your own state.’
  • There was an extra state fellowship after lunch for discussing the OH votes for the national officers.  Parliamentarian Tom Carroll (Westlake) did a terrific job of running the meeting.  A number of students had great comments about the candidates.  It is clear that the OH students really care about the JCL and want the most qualified candidate to elected.  The debate over 1 office lasted over 15 minutes, with a number of votes and revotes until a majority was reached.
Natalie and Nathan at the student union building
  • Indian Hill alumnus and former National Committee member Steve Gentle organized a multimedia tribute to 75 years of JCL, founded in 1936.  The crowd loved the interesting facts, including the $5 convention fee for the 1st convention in San Antonio in 1954 and the ‘no shorts or jeans’ policy from the early 60’s.  The whole GA then sang ‘Felicem Natalem Tibi’ to the JCL for its 75 birthday.
  • Lakota alumnus Dan Garrett was elected President of the Senior Classical League.  This year, he served as Editor, and his main duty was the daily publication known as the ‘Convention Ear,’ a satirical look at each day of convention.  SCL’ers work late into the night writing the Ear.  At lunch, I commented to Chris Daniell (Summit alumnus) that he really must like cereal – it was the 3rd day in a row I had seen him eating it at lunchtime.  Chris replied, ‘It’s my breakfast!  I didn’t get to sleep until 5:30!’
Michelle Martinez (Walnut Hills) with her 3rd place medal
  • The Publication and Scrapbook awards were announced today during the GA.  OJCL Historian Anna Richey (Indian Hill) won 4th in the nation for the OH scrapbook, and Michelle Martinez (Walnut Hills) earned 3rd for school scrapbook.  These scrapbooks are amazing; they are basically 20 projects rolled into one.  Lastly, the Summit newsletter won 2nd in the nation for school publication, and so congratulations to editors Regina Merrill and Morgan Hughes!
State Chair Bryan Inderhees, chaperone Jennifer Schmitz, and teacher Christy Bening
  • The Sponsors’ Banquet was this evening.  All the teachers get together and enjoy a nice meal without the students.  It is also a chance to thank the many people who make the convention possible, especially the convention chairs and the national committee.  All of these individuals received a special honor:  they were officially declared ‘Kentucky Colonels’ by Gov. Beshear.  Indian Hill teacher and Graphic Arts Chair Melissa Burgess shrieked in delight and ran to the stage to claim her new bragging rights.
Convention Advisor Sue Robertson (MY Latin teacher) with her official Kentucky Colonel certificate
  • The day concluded with the always popular talent and variety show, That’s Entertainment!  It is organized by the self-described ‘omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and indispensable’ SCL.  There are tryouts for the talent portion of the show, and only 12 acts made the final cut.  Andrew Boudon (St. Edward) was 1 of the talented 12, and you can check out his graceful signing of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘I built my life around you’ on the Shutterfly account.  I have been to the past 12 of these, and I think that this was the best one every:  the venue was small & intimate, the sound was great, the talent was exceptionally good, and the comedy was hilarious.  The Racketeers made their usual appearance to close the show, with their trademark minimalist approach to entertainment.  There was a terrific acapella version of the classic ‘Country Roads’ by a group of 7 students.  My favorite act was the parody of the Budweiser commercials ‘Real Men of Genius,’ dedicated to Mr. All Day Ludi Player:  ‘You travelled 1,000 miles to dominate Latin students.’  OH alumnus Ed Cormany was the director of ‘That’s Entertainment!’
Rachel, KC, Todd, and Melissa enjoy the banquet.
The Executive Board at Fellowship in our dimly lit room