20 applications were received for the ‘OJCL Scholarship for the 2012 NJCL Convention’ (5 from Level ½ and 1, 15 from Level 2 and above):

  • The essays by the new Latin students were very creative in response to the prompt ‘What mythological character would you be, and why?’  Winning answers ranged from the Chimera to Minerva to Hermes.  There were 3 winners.
  • The applications from the older Latin students showed real dedication to the Latin language in academics, leadership, graphic & creative arts, and club contests.  There were 10 winners.
  • All applications revealed that Ohio has a very talented group of JCL’ers!
  • Checks for $100 will be mailed off to the winners by Friday April 20.  Winners must attend the NJCL Convention or return the money to the OJCL.

Here is the alphabetical list of winners:

  1. Sameer Apte (Shaker)
  2. Maddie Briner (Wyoming)
  3. Jesse Campbell (Summit)
  4. Tullus Dean (Summit)
  5. Anna Delamerced (Summit)
  6. Tino Delamerced (Summit)
  7. Allison Kao (Shaker)
  8. Samantha Nissen (McAuley)
  9. Patrick O’Connor (Lakota West Fresh)
  10. Gregory Pataky (St. Edward)
  11. Ben Robertson (Shaker)