Download the updated rules & guidelines for these contests: Club Contests (Updates 2018)

UPDATES to both scrapbook and digital scrapbook for 2018! scrapbook rules 2018

2020 Topics!

Music Video topic: Hercules

Commercial topic: City of Rome

Deadline for pre-con projects: Monday, January 27 2020

2019 Topics

Music Video topic: Dative Case

Commercial topic: Pan

Deadline for Music Video and Commercial: Jan. 25 2019

2018 Topics

Music Video topic: Horatius Cocles (at the bridge)

Commercial topic: Emperor Hadrian  (N.B. this is to sell a product related to Hadrian or related to something in regard to his rule, not to sell his wall, villa, etc. although the product could be related to one of those)

Deadline for Music Video and Commercial: January 27, 2018

See the Pre-Convention Contests page for more information about the Music Video and Commercial.

Below are some of the Superior Rated Contests from 2017!

Commercial (McAuley):

Music Video (Seven Hills):

Music Video (Wellington):

Here is an example of a newsletter (by Emily Haussler of Summit) that earned the top Superior ranking for the Publication Contest.

Club Contests:

  • Banner
  • Construction
  • Project
  • Scrapbook
  • Digital Scrapbook
  • Skit (Pre-Convention)
  • Service (Pre-Convention)
  • Publication (Pre-Convention)
  •  Commercial (Pre-Convention)
  • Music Video (Pre-Convention)