In place of presentations for Club Project and Club Banner a WRITTEN STATEMENT must be provided.

Students must submit 3 typed, double spaced copies of the written statement during registration.                                                                  

The SCHOOL NAME and CONTEST must be written in the TOP RIGHT CORNER.

The statement should be written in PARAGRAPH form. Lists and Bullets may be included but should not be the majority of the information presented.

Students are encouraged to include color pictures with caption descriptions but are not required to do so.

Download the updated rules & guidelines for these contests: Club-Contests-Updates-2017

NEW CONTEST: Digital Scrapbook! See updated Club Contest Rules for information!

2018 Topics

Music Video topic: Horatius Cocles (at the bridge)

Commercial topic: Emperor Hadrian

See the Pre-Convention Contests page for more information about the Music Video and Commercial.

Here is an example of a newsletter (by Emily Haussler of Summit) that earned the top Superior ranking for the Publication Contest.

Club Contests:

  • Banner
  • Construction
  • Project
  • Scrapbook
  • NEW!! Digital Scrapbook
  • Skit (Pre-Convention)
  • Service (Pre-Convention)
  • Publication (Pre-Convention)
  •  Commercial (Pre-Convention)
  • Music Video (Pre-Convention)