REMEMBER:  Everyone must do at least 1 pre-convention project which must be reviewed by me before submitting it on the OJCL website.  I encourage everyone to do more than one!
    • All students must submit at least 1 pre-convention project to their teacher. Here is link to the webpage with all the info, the main choices are Modern Myth, Poem, Cartoon, Comic Storytelling, Multimedia:
    • Questions?  Email Mr. Dean, or call him (513-502-0108).
Summit participants are required to do some extra work to earn individual awards which in turn will help to win team awards.  Attendance is a privilege, not a right, and extra work outside of class is required.  Here are some ways to study for the academic tests:

Here is the link to the Graphic Arts page.  There are over 40 different categories if you have creativity and artistic talen!