FEBRUARY 24-26 at the Crowne Plaza Columbus-North

Click here to view photos from the 2017 OJCL State Convention, which have been uploaded on our Flickr account.

Short convention video contest (Summit):

To view candidates for the 2017-2018 Executive Board as well as constitutional amendments, please view our candidates page! We also encourage you to listen to their GA II speech as well as to attend Meet the Candidates.
As of 2-28-17, the Candidates page has been closed because elections have concluded. Thank you for participating in the election process.

The Club Video Contest is due on Saturday night at midnight! Please submit submissions to

A reminder for everyone to follow our Instagram (@ohiojcl) and Twitter (@ohiolatin) and subscribe to our YouTube.

Certamen Update 2017: the rules for the OJCL State Championship – very few changes, all minor clarifications.

2017 Convention Program! This year’s program was edited by Secretary Vishnu Kasturi (Shaker Heights). It includes: the detailed schedule, a letter from THE President Brian Johnson, the schools in attendance, cartoons, information about the Saturday colloquia, and so much more!

2017 Convention Schedule! A quick overview of the weekend events.

The deadline for Roll Call submission has been extended to Thursday, February 23. See Roll Call rules here.

Reminder: pre-register your projects by February 20, 11:59 PM!

Want to win fabulous prizes and earn the praise & admiration of your peers? Participate in the annual talent show: ‘OJCL’s Got Talent!‘ – auditions are on Friday night, and the actual performance is on Saturday night. Yes, there are prizes!

Click here to view the 2017 Rules for the Spirit Competition. Keep in mind the spirit themes! View the three themes here.
Click here to view the updated 2017 Rules for Roll Call. Important addition: schools must submit their roll call idea to Treasurer Kelly Thaxton at via YouTube.

The Ohio Senior Classical League is proud to announce the three WINNERS of the scholarships for the Sixty-Seventh OJCL State Convention! Thank you to all who applied.

  • Full scholarship: Ellie Kammerer of McAuley
  • Half scholarships (2): Payton Cassel of Medina and Abby Almaguer of Summit

Important dates for the 2017 Convention:

  • Wednesday, January 11: online registration deadline AND pre-convention project submission deadline
  • Wednesday, January 18: 50% of registration fees due AND deadline for withdrawal with 100% reimbursement AND officer pre-file deadline
  • Friday, January 20: Deadline for sponsors to register that your club is bringing a banner
  • Wednesday, February 1: State and National JCL membership deadline to be considered chapter in good standing AND deadline for application to give a speech at State Convention
  • Wednesday, February 15: Deadline to sign up for a booth at the Bazaar
  • Friday, February 17: Deadline for all changes in Creative Arts and Certamen sign-ups
  • Monday, February 20: Deadline for online pre-registration (mandatory!) of all Graphic Arts contest entries
  • Wednesday, February 22 UPDATE: Thursday, February 23: Deadline for schools to submit their roll call idea via YouTube to
  • Friday, February 24: 100% fees due upon arrival at Convention

Want to give a speech at GA about Latin/JCL? Spots are available! Here is how to submit an application to give a speech. Deadline is February 1.

The 2017 State Convention Prefile Form for candidates running for the Executive Board is live at this link: If you are interested in running for office, please review the roles and duties of the offices on our Documents page as well as Parliamentarian Tullus Dean’s Guide to Running for OJCL Office. If you are curious about our current 2016-2017 Executive Board, visit our Student Officers page. (1-4-17)

Everyone at the 2017 Convention must fill out the 2017 OJCL Media Release and Conduct Form.

The OJCL is bringing back the Bazaar for the 2017 State Convention!
Click here to learn more information about how to sign up for a booth and earn some cash for your club! Contact Treasurer Kelly Thaxton if you have any further questions. We would like to remind prospective vendors that you will only get a booth if you sign up. (12-26-16)

The Ohio Senior Classical League is sponsoring packet awards to cover the cost of attendance to the OJCL State Convention. The 2017 Packet Award will be awarded any OJCL member and will waive all of that student’s convention fees. The OSCL will also award two awards to OJCL members that will pay for half of the convention attendance cost. (11-28-16)

Treasurer Kelly Thaxton has released the 2017 Spirit Themes!

  • The three themes are Club T-Shirt Day, Intergalactic Gallic Wars, and Radical Romans! Email any questions to

2017 Convention Theme: “Errare humanum est, sed perseverare diabolicum.” – To err is human, but to persist is wicked. (traditional Latin quote)

The Executive Board and State Chairs have appointed the Treasurer, the 3 Gubernators, Editor, and Historian. Thank you to all who applied!

The Executive Board is now accepting applications for Treasurer, the 3 Gubernators, Editor, and Historian: If sponsors or students have any questions, email Parliamentarian Tullus Dean (Summit): (2-23-16)

  • OJCL By-Laws Article 5 of this document has the duties of the various officers. [This document was last updated Jan 2016.]
  • Deadline to apply for Treasurer is Wednesday, March 2 at 11:59 pm. The Executive Board will hold a cyber meeting to select the Treasurer and will announce its selection by Wednesday, March 9.
  • Deadline to apply for the 3 Gubernators, Historian and Editor is Sun March 20 at 11:59 pm. The Executive Board will hold a cyber meeting to select the 3 Gubernators and will announce its selections by Wed March 30 (in the hope that they can attend the Spring Meeting on Saturday, April 23).
  • Historian and Editor will be selected at the Spring Meeting, and the Executive Board will announce its selections on Saturday, April 23.


Shaker Heights: 1st in Overall Points, 1st in Academic Per Capita (2016)
Shaker Heights: 1st in Overall Points, 1st in Academic Per Capita (2016)

Fri Feb 19 – Sun Feb 21 2016

OJCL Convention at Doubletree Hotel in Worthington OH

Convention 2016 Schedule

Official program, with complete schedule, edited by Summit Senior Dustin Argo, the OJCL Secretary.

Everyone at the 2016 Convention must fill out 2016 OJCL Media Release and Conduct Form (1-29-16)

Do you have something important to say about Latin and the JCL?  Want to give a speech to all the delegates at convention during one of the General Assemblies? Click here for details about the ‘Convention Speech Contest’ (deadline is Feb 5).  (1-25-16)

Want to win fabulous prizes and earn the admiration of your peers?  Participate in the annual talent show ‘OJCL’s Got Talent!‘ – auditions on Fri night, the actual performance on Sat night. (1-9-16)

Treasurer Kelly Thaxton (Westlake) has released the 2016 Spirit Themes and Rules for Spirit and Roll Call and Information about the Bazaar (where clubs can sell stuff at convention).  (12-2-15)

The pre-file form for OJCL elected offices is now live (12-4-15):

2016 Theme:  facilis descensus Averno, ‘The descent to Hell is easy’ (Vergil Aeneid 6.126).   The Sibyl of Cumae speaks these words to Aeneas, who has requested to visit his father Anchises in the Underworld.

Congratulations to the Shaker Heights Latin Club for the winning entries in both the Roman Rap and Promotional Video Contests!  The prize?   2 $100 Pizza Parties! (11-23-15)

Here is information about the various competitions at convention:

Sponsors Log-in (for Convention Registration) – For any questions or problems with access to this Log-in, please contact the appropriate State Chair (Bryan Inderhees, OJCL Technology and Convention Chair).


Congratulations to Shaker Heights at the 2015 Convention:  1st in Overall Pts, 1st in Per Capita Pts, 1st in Academic Per Capita Pts!

2015 Shaker Heights Delegation
2015 Shaker Heights Delegation


  • NO MORE CHANGES:  Here is the short 1 page schedule and the full program by Editor Jane Klaus (Ursuline).
  • Because of the closure of the Ramada, convention activities will be held at the Columbus Convention Center.  Due to the higher costs of this new venue, the convention will now be 2 days, Fri March 13 – Sat March 14.


2015 OJCL Convention theme is Malum quidem nullum esse sine aliquo bono, “There is no evil without some good.”  (Pliny the Elder, Naturalis Historia, 27.2.9)

Treasurer Lindsey Dierig has released the spirit themes for the 2015 OJCL Convention.  And here are the  Rules for Spirit and Roll Call. (12-1-15)

Want to submit a suggestion for the Latin theme for the 2016 OJCL Convention?


The pre-file form for OJCL elected offices is now live:  Applications must submitted by 11:59 pm on Sunday February 1 2015.  (Parliamentarian Tullus Dean 1-21-15)


Convention Theme for 2014:  omnia mutantur, nihil interit, ‘everything changes, nothing persishes.’  The quote is from Book 15 of Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’ during the lengthy speech of Pythagoras.  He asserts that the soul does not perish but rather enters a new body.


Governor Kasich has declared the 1st week of March 'Ohio Classics Week'! Euge!
Governor Kasich has declared the 1st week of March ‘Ohio Classics Week’! Euge!


2013 OJCL Convention Overall Results:

2012 OJCL Convention Overall Results:

Summit Celebrates Its Award Winners.