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2020 Announcements, News, and Deadlines

Join us for a virtual Fall Forum on Saturday, October 17th! (10-8-20)

We want your feedback! If you attended the virtual NJCL convention, please take some time in the next few days to fill out the survey sent by OJCL President Chloe Constantinides. If OJCL convention needs to be virtual, we want it to be as enjoyable as possible (if you attended but did not get the survey link, email (9-24-20)

Virtual OCC will take place on Saturday, October 17th. Check out the flyer for more information! (9-24-20)
YES!  There will be certamen at Fall Forum.  Please encourage ALL of your students to join us on Saturday, October 17 for some fun certamen.  The meets will run from 2-3ish, using Zoom.  We’ll have 2 levels- (A) people with little to no Latin and/or certamen experience (Latin I and less competitive IIs) and  (B) experienced, with questions and modified rules for III and up (competitive IIs welcome).  Students who are interested in playing and adults (including SCLer types) who would help, please fill out the appropriate form below.  Please direct questions to Nora Murphy (9-24-20)

Photo of the Season Submission dates 2020-2021 (9-24-20)

SUMMER: JULY 19, 2020
SPRING: MAY 9, 2021

Before she was elected NJCL Historian, Irene Calderon created Middle School and Elementary versions of the OJCL Torch. Check them out! Both versions are a lot of fun! (9-24-20)
It has been my honor to serve the OJCL as historian. While I was unable to say an actually goodbye, I hope as you flip through the scrapbook, you see how much this organization and the people in it truly meant to me.
Gratias Maximas Vobis Ago,
Alex Grass
19-20 OJCL Historian (9-24-20)
Congratulations to Editor Irene Calderon on her election to the NJCL Executive Board as national Editor! As such, the position of OJCL Editor is now vacant and needs to be filled by appointment. Additionally, we are reopening the application for the position of Central Gubernator. Find the application for both offices here.

A couple of quick reminders:

  • -Delegates may not apply for a position that their chapter currently holds.
  • -Delegates MUST have permission from their sponsor and their parent to apply.
  • -Only ONE delegate from each school may apply for each office.
  • -The deadline for submitting an application is Tuesday, September 15th 11:59 pm

Please contact Abby Almaguer with any questions at (9-2-20)

The Spring Torch is out! You can access it using this link: (6-8-20)

Another opportunity to join the 2020-2021 OJCL Executive Board! Click here for the application for Editor and Historian! (5-19-20)

Want to be on the 2020-2021 OJCL Executive Board? Good news! The application to be a gubernator is here. Please follow this link to the form! (5-7-20)

Although the OJCL convention has been canceled, elections will still continue. As such, the State of Emergency offices must be announced. State of Emergency occurs when there are fewer than 2 candidates pre-filed for a particular office, and some of the restrictions regarding who can run for office are dropped. The offices in State of Emergency this year are Treasurer and President.
Students interested in running State of Emergency should complete the State Of Emergency form and submit a scan or picture, along with typed answers to the questions on the BLANK Prefile Form, to by 11:59pm on Wednesday, 4.15 (please respect social distancing by requesting your sponsor email their permission rather than trying to get their physical signature; your parents should sign rather than emailing the state chairs). Please contact Parliamentarian Krish Gupta if you have any questions. (4-8-20)

DEADLINE EXTENDED! Application now due April 24th. The OJCL scholarship application to attend the NJCL convention in Richmond, VA is here! OJCL will award up to ten $100.00 and up to two $250.00 scholarship awards to students.  All OJCL Members in good standing from Chapters in good standing are eligible. There are 2 types of scholarships:  for Level ½ or Level 1 students and for Level 2 and above students. One $250.00 scholarship will be available to each division. N.B. we will wait to write the checks until NJCL convention is confirmed as “on”; should NJCL be cancelled, scholarship winners will receive their checks to attend in 2021. Seniors can still receive the $$ to attend next year as SCLers, but no attendance = no money. To submit, send completed applications to Ms Mays AND your sponsor, who will also submit their confirmation via email (4-2-20)

Due to convention being cancelled, the OSCL is doing online elections this year, and the nominations process is the first step. The nomination form is out now and is due at 11:59 PM on Sunday, March 29! (3-22-20)

Unfortunately, convention has been cancelled. Click here for more information (3-10-20)

The Winter Edition of the OJCL Torch is out now! Be sure to give it a read! (3-8-20)

The 70th OJCL Convention Program is here! (3-4-20)

Congratulations to the Winter Photo of the Season Winners! (2-19-20)
First Place: Kendall Richard, Summit
Second Place: Kimberly Zwolshen, Indian Hill
Third Place: Margaret Sampson, Madeira
The pre-file form for those interested in running for elected office on the 2020-2021 executive board is now released! Here is the link for any students who are interested in running. (1-28-20)
The deadline for completing this form is February 23, 2020, at 11:59 PM.
A couple of rules and reminders for pre-filing:
-Delegates may not pre-file for an office that a member of your delegation currently holds.
-Delegates MUST have permission from your sponsor and parent to pre-file and run.
-No more than TWO delegates per delegation may pre-file for office.
-Only ONE delegate from each school may pre-file for each respective office.
-No pre-convention campaigning.
-Delegates who pre-file may not appear on OJCL social media posts until after convention in the interest of fairness.
Check out Krish’s new election guide! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Campaigning Rules:

Failure to abide by all rules may result in disqualification, so please read these carefully and email Krish with questions!

  1. If you feel like you need to ask, ask or don’t do it
  2. No campaigning until after Nom Com
  3. No stickers (to protect the hotel)
  4. All campaigning must be positive!
  5. All campaign materials must be pre-approved by the State Chair and the Parliamentarian
    1. Spending limit of $50, bring receipts to Nom Com!
    2. Keep in mind that all ‘donated’ materials will be counted towards the $50 spending limit. This includes posters and paper previously purchased as well as any printing/copying that you do at home or school. These materials will be assessed at the lesser price between and Staples on the day of Nom Com. As of January ’20, Staples charged $.60 for color copies and $.12 for black and white
  6. Although you may use social media, Airdrop may not be used to spread materials in any capacity
  7. You may not interfere with the campaigns of others
  8. All evidence of your campaign must be removed before the Third General Assembly (to keep the hotel clean)
  9. Candidates must attend Nom Com and Meet the Candidates

Winter Service Events:

North: TBA

The Central Region will be coming together to bake bread, make Project Linus squares, and play some certamen on MLK Day! Here is the flyer for more information! (1-17-20)

The South Winter Service Event is on Saturday, February 22 at 11:00 AM at Crayons to Computers! Please RSVP at this link and click here for the flyer! (1-16-20)

OSCL Packet Award Results: Full Packet Award: She’miah Irvin, Walnut Hills, Half Packet Award: Michael Hall, Summit Country Day, Half Packet Award: John Paul Schuette, Moeller (1-16-20)

The spirit themes for the 2020 OJCL Convention are out now, they are: Friday-Convention Theme (Club T-shirts), Saturday-Rome on the Range (Farms), Sunday-Tides of March (Beach/Ocean)! The Spirit Rubric is also out now! (1-11-20)

The 2020 OJCL Convention Roll Call Guidelines are here! (1-11-20)

2019 Announcements, News, and Deadlines

The OSCL Packet Award application is here, and it is due by 11:59 PM on January 8, 2020. They are offering 2 half-scholarships and 1 full-scholarship to the 2020 OJCL Convention. (12-9-19)

The 2019 Fall Torch by Editor Hannah Shane is here! Check out all the great articles! (11-22-19)

Make a Difference Days

North: We will be cooking and serving dinner at the Ronald McDonald House! Date: Sunday, November 3, 2019 Address: 10415 Euclid Avenue. There are a limited number of spots for this event, so please RSVP as soon as you can using this link: Here is the North MADD flyer for more info! (10-17-19)

Central: We will be distributing clothing from the Childhood League Clothing Drive! Date: Saturday, November 16, 2019 Address: 674 Cleveland Avenue. Check out this flyer for Central MADD with more info! (10-17-19)

South: We will be assisting Cincinnati Parks staff in removing invasive species in Alms Park! Date: Saturday, November 16, 2019 Address: 710 Tusculum Avenue. Take a look at the South MADD flyer for details! (10-17-19)

Schools should fill out our new contact form with updated officer information; all officers can be entered at once into the form (9-25-19)

Please click here to access a survey to select where the South Make A Difference Day will be held this year! (9-23-19)

Fall Forum will again be hosted at Columbus Academy on October 12th from 9am-5pm! A fun ‘mini-convention’ with lectures by college professors, an academic test, impromptu art, certamen, Ultimate frisbee & Capture the Flag, and more (including certudi)!  Bring $5 for pizza lunch. Events will happen concurrently with the Ohio Classical Conference. Check out the OCC flier! (9-3-19)

CINCINNATI BUS to Fall Forum–bring another $5 for the bus.

  • You must do the online sign up to guarantee a spot on the bus.
  • The bus will leave Summit at 6:45 am.
  • It will then leave Columbus Academy around 5 pm and arrive back at Summit around 7 pm.  I will have students text parents when we are about 40 minutes from school.
  • A check for $5, made out to Summit, can be handed to me as the student boards the bus.  (Larry Dean, 9-11-19)

Interested in becoming a member of the OJCL Executive Board?  Consider applying for the position of Editor or Historian!  Here is the form to apply. It is due by 11:59 P.M. on Tuesday, April 30. (4-6-19)

Here are the NJCL T-Shirt Design Contest Guidelines! Submissions are due by 11:59 P.M. on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 to! (3-25-19)

Going to NJCL Convention? Here is the information about the 2019 OJCL Scholarship to Nationals! Due 11:59 P.M. on April 5, 2019. (3-7-19)

The 2019 OJCL Spring Torch is out!  Check it out here! (6-3-19)

We hope you are excited for NJCL Convention!  It is from Friday, July 26 to Wednesday, July 31.  The flight from Cincinnati will leave early in the morning on Thursday, July 25, and the flight from Fargo will leave early in the morning on Wednesday, July 31. Here are the flights which Larry Dean is taking.  Students are not required to take these flights, but he will chaperone any students who are on these flights.

Certamen in the spring? Euge! The Ursuline certamen is Saturday, April 6th!  Registration starts at 9:00 AM, play begins around 9:30 AM, and everything should be wrapped up by about noon. (4-4-19)

The OJCL Sponsors’ Meeting is Saturday, April 6th from 10:30am-12:15pm at The Wellington School. (3-28-19)

Convention registration (completed by sponsors): January 18, 2019

Pre-Convention Contests due (completed by students): Friday, January 25, 2019

Winter Torch submissions: Friday, January 25, 2019

Candidate PreFile (This link is no longer active 3-27-19) (completed by students): Sunday, February 24, 2019

Creative Arts & Certamen registration (completed by sponsors): March 1, 2019

Graphic Arts registration (online, completed by students): March 5, 2019

Roll Call submission: March 7, 2019, 11:59pm.

Treasurer Katlyn Havlin is proud to release the 2019 OJCL Convention Spirit Themes! (This link is no longer active 3-27-19) (2-6-19)

Join us for “Coffee and the Classics,” a special event in conjunction with the University of Cincinnati, on February 9 2019. For more information, please see the attached flyer. (1-31-19)

Register for the “Bazaagora” here! (This link is no longer active 3-27-19) (1-28-19)

Have you ever wanted to give a speech at Convention? Submit to the Speech Contest! Deadline is February 25th. (1-27-19)

Parliamentarian Marcus Grewal is pleased to release the 2019 OJCL Executive Board Candidate PreFile (This link is no longer active 3-27-19) form. The deadline is Sunday, February 24, 2019. (1-20-19)

Congratulations to this year’s OSCL Book and Packet Award winners! They are:

Full Scholarship: Sarah Hoag of Medina
Half Scholarship: Ellie Kammerer of Mercy McAuley
Half Scholarship: Kathryn Sullivan of Summit Country Day
The OSCL extends its gratitude to all applicants. (1-17-19)

View the Fall Service of the Season Contest results here ! (1-12-19)

Editor, Allie Hinnenkamp, is now accepting articles to be featured in the Winter Edition of the Torch! These articles can be on any topic, as long as they connect to the OJCL or the Classics. Articles should be about 200-600 words long in length (150-450 for chapter updates), and sent to by January 25.  (1-7-19)

The OSCL is now accepting applications for its annual scholarship to attend the OJCL convention.  The application is at the following link: (This link is no longer active 3-27-19). Please email the OSCL board if there are any questions or issues!  Applications are due 1/10 (1-4-19)