Info about the 2018-2019 Summit Latin Program

2018-2019 Latin Service Events and List of Students – updated on Mon May 13

2019 Awards Booklet

Information about the 2019 NJCL Convention at North Dakota University (Fargo ND)

2019 OJCL Convention Overall Points Champions!

Some random things from convention:

  • Matthew Warden (Summit Treasurer in charge of spirit) led the delegation to a 1st place prize in spirit Fri night.  The theme was the Moana movie, and Matthew was dressed for the part!
  • Ryan gets pied in the face!   State officer Ryan Burns’ jar received the most money for charity, and his reward was a tasty whip cream pie.
  • Carson Hall was one of the participants in the annual ‘OJCL’s Got Talent!’  It is part comedy and part talent.  Carson’s talent is picking locks, and he did this to accompaniment of music while a girl tried to jump rope while on a pogo stick.  All 3 acts received the ‘cookie of approval’ from the judges.

Summit Latin Awards Booklets: 2018 awards booklet

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