Pictures from the Fall Forum at Columbus Academy


Pictures from the 2019 State Convention 


  • Results for the 2020 National Latin Exam! Maliah Bricking, Ryan Burns, Sophia Nery, and Kathryn Sullivan all won Special Awards!
  • Results for the 2020 National Mythology Exam! 13 Perfect Exams:  Haley Baker (6th grade), Emily Bolan (6th), Jackson Campbell (8th), Meghana Curran (6th), Aaron Fraley (6th), Jimmy Fraley (10th, 3 years in a row!), Jude Gerhardt (8th), Breanne Grogan (11th), Ethan Lam (8th), Matthew Langenderfer (8th), Ana Leyendecker (9th), Jennifer Sullivan (10th), Harper Wood (6th)
  • Results for the 2019-2020 NJCL Online Exams (Etymology, Vocab, Rom Civ)
    • Gold Medals were won by Irene Calderon, Mia Cavallo, Jimmy Fraley, Lily Lippert, William McLane, Madison Metzner, Sophia Nery, Benny Penote, Mia Rahner, and Grace Tounge.
    • Irene, Jimmy, and Sophia all earned at least 2 Gold Medals on these 3 exams and have a chance for cash prizes!
    • Jimmy had the top Summit score and won a Gold on all 3 exams!

The Summit Latin Club Newsletter:  Vox Latina!

  • Co-Editor Abby Almaguer has completed the 2nd issue of the Summit Latin Club newsletter, the Vox Latina   (pdf) (online).
  • Co-Editor Irene Calderon has completed the 1st issue of the Summit Latin Club newsletter, the Vox Latina   (pdf) (online).   
  • Here is a link to some older issues.

The Summit Latin Club Digital Scrapbook (by Historian Kendall Richard)!

Info about the 2018-2019 Summit Latin Program

2018-2019 Latin Service Events and List of Students 

2019-2020 Latin Service Events and List of Students

2019 Awards Booklet

2019 Summer National Convention Article!

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