2022 awards booklet – most not all of the them

Classical Literacy Exam – 6th grade results

Exploratory Latin Exam – 6th grade only

Pegasus Mythology Exam – 6th grade results

Each year, students must earn induction in the Latin Honor Society and must submit an application.  Here is the application and requirements for induction.  It is due by Fri April 8.

There will be a Matthew 25 service activity on Sat April 9, 9-11 am.  Sign up in Mr. Dean’s room.

Some of the 9th-12th grade Latin students will be taking the Medusa Mythology Exam April 4-8.  The theme this year is Heroic Helpers.  Study materials and information on the exam are in Topics.

The 5-day National Junior Classical League Convention will again be in person this year!!  

  • It is July 24-30 at the University of Louisiana (Fayetteville LA).  
  • State Chair and Summit Latin teacher Lisa Mays will be leading the OH delegation!
  • The cost is $595.  There will most likely be a bus for all the OH people who are going, more info on this later.
  • Here is an application to receive 1 of 10 $100 scholarships to help with the cost of the NJCL Convention.  It is due by 11:59 pm on Fri April 8.  In the past, not all scholarships have been given out because of lack of applications.  If you decide not to go, you can always return the check.  So if you are even pondering going to the summer convention (and you should!), you should apply!!

OJCL’s Got Talent!  50 minutes of fun

2022 Summit entry for Commercial, Ancient Olympics is the theme – written and directed by Katie Dobelhoff, edited by Jimmy Fraley

2022 Summit entry for Music Video, Infinitives are the theme – written and sung by Ana Layendecker, edited by Jimmy Fraley

2022 Summit Scrapbook, by Mia Rahner

The new issue of the Summit Latin Club, the Vox Latina, is ready!  Congrats to editors Ana Leyendecker and Mia Rahner on this special issue which urges readers to be #coollikeboreas!

Results have arrived for the 2 online exams sponsored by the National Junior Classical League:  Classical Etymology and Roman Civilization.  A number of Summit students won the top Gold Medal prize on 1 of the exams:  Here is the complete list of winners.  Haley Baker, Irene Calderon, Hana Conte, Aaron Fraley (Gold on both!), Jimmy Fraley, Shriyan Masineni, and Sophia Nery.  Here is the complete list of winners.  Go Summit Latin Go

Winners of the 2021 Classical Association of Mid-West States (CAMWS) Translation Exam are finally here!  [There was a long delay in the grading of the exams.]  The exam requires students to write an elegant translation of a Latin passage which they have never seen.

  • Certificate of Commendation, Level 3:  Ana Leyendecker, William McLane, and Mia Rahner
  • Book Award, Level 4:  Irene Calderon and Cecilia Hasan

For Cecilia, Ana, William, and Mia, this achievement results in their induction into Eta Sigma Phi, the college-level academic fraternity which honors excellence in classical scholarship.  For Irene, this honor will elevate her from the ‘Induction Pin’ to the ‘Large Silver Medal’ level.  Labor omnia vincit!!

Here is the fall issue of the Vox Latina, the Summit Latin newsletter, edited by juniors Ana Leyendecker and Mia Rahner!


    • NEW, EARLIER TIME FOR DEPARTURE!!!  The bus will leave Summit at 5:45 am on Sat March 12 and return to Summit around 10:30 pm – I will have students text their parents when the bus is about 30 min’s away.
    • Everyone needs to bring a device (phone, computer, pad, tablet, etc) to convention since the testing will be done online!
    • Wear the convention t-shirt on Sat!
    • 3 forms are required:  Here is the required COVID release form and here is the required Summit permission slip and here is the OJCL Conduct/Picture form.
    • Lunch and dinner are provided at the hotel.  Students should bring snacks/water for the morning and later in the day and some $$ for snacks/water at the hotel.
    • All participants must be fully vaccinated.  If not fully vaccinated, the student must share evidence of negative test result – taken after noon on Fri March 11 – with Mr. Dean, who will then share that test result with the State Chairs who run the convention.
    • Students should see Mr. Dean about the deadlines for the various contests and competitions.
    • Questions?  Email Mr. Dean, or text/call him (513-502-0108).
Summit participants are required to do some extra work to earn individual awards which in turn will help to win team awards.  Attendance is a privilege, not a right, and extra work outside of class is required.  Her are some ways to study for the academic tests:

2021-2022 Latin Club Events

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