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2014 Announcements, News, and Deadlines

The Shaker Heights Certamen will be at 1 pm on Sun Feb 1 2015.  Click here for the flier.  (12-16-2014)

Magistra Lisa Patton has announced the date for the Westlake gift wrap + certamen (12-2-2014)

  • “The annual Westlake holiday gift wrap/ certamen is Saturday December 13, 2014 from 11 am – 2 pm.  Please feel free to bring gently used toys for the wrap, a dessert to share, and two dollars for pizza.  (This is starting to sound like a Catullus- type party.)  Please let me know if you will be able to join us and an approximate head count.”

Treasurer Lindsey Dierig has released the spirit themes for the 2015 OJCL Convention.  And here are the  Rules for Spirit and Roll Call. (12-1-15)

Editor Dustin Argo (Summit) has released the 2014 Fall OJCL Torch.  (11-8-14)

Find out about the hundreds of hours of community service that OJCLers have already performed this year!  (11-7-14)

New contest, Panel/Comic Storytelling, added to Pre-Convention contests! (10-31-2014)

Here are the minutes from the Sept 13 2014 Fall Planning Meeting.  (9-26-14)

NE Gubernator Allison Kao ( and NW Gubernator Will Beatrez ( are the contacts for the Cleveland MADD service project on Oct 25, 2014, 1 – 4 pm at the Cleveland Cultural Gardens (750 E 88th St, Cleveland, OH 44108).  Click here for the flier.  Sign up online for the event at so there is a good estimate for how many gardening supplies the Cultural Gardens coordinator should bring. (9-20-14)

2 Cincinnati service events are planned in October.  SW Gubernator Sara Zandvakili is the contact person (  (9-15-14)

CINCINNATI CERTAMEN SCHEDULE, always Sat mornings, 9-11ish (9-12-14):

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The duties for the 2015-2016 1st VP and 2nd VP are new!  Here is the document with the amendment (passed in December 2013) with the new duties for each office.  Click on the ‘About Us’ button on top of this page to find Article 5 of the By-Laws with the duties of all the offices.


This article about 4 Perfects on the National Latin Exam by Ben Robertson (Shaker Heights) and Connor Tomshack (St. Edward) celebrates their extraordinary achievement and details the importance & relevance of Latin.  (6/22/14)

Here is the June 2014 OJCL Torch.  It is the final issue by Editor Jane Klaus (Ursuline Academy).  (6-16-14)

Columbus Pre-Nationals Picnic:  July 12 2014, 12-3 PM, at Blendon Woods Metro Park in Westerville, OH.  Click here for the flier.  (6/16/14)

Cleveland OJCL Summer Picnic:  July 13 2014, 1-4 pm, Edgewater Park, Cleveland, OH 44102.  Click here for the informational flier.  (6-3-14)

NEW!!  OJCL Promotional Video Contest (with CASH prizes), deadline to upload video to Google Drive is NOW JUNE 6 2014):

  • In honor of National Classics Week, we are releasing our newest contest, the OJCL National Classics Week Promotional Video Contest! We are challenging your local chapter to create a 2-5 minute video addressing the theme, “Why do you love the Classics?”
  • Your video has the chance to be featured on the OJCL website and to be shown to prospective OJCL schools!
  • Awards include monetary prizes to your local chapters: 1st place receives $100; 2nd place, $50; and 3rd place, $25!
  • Here are:  the rubric for the contest, the judging sheets, the required Media Release form.
  • Upload to Google Drive (this requires a member of the school chapter to have a gmail) and share the video with this email:  Deadline is May 24.

Congratulations to the newly appointed OJCL officers!  (4-24-14)

  • Editor Dustin Argo (Summit)
  • Historian Hannah Barrett (Shaker Heights)

Travel to NJCL Convention (4-19-14):

  • Larry Dean is again organizing a bus for the Cincinnati people.  55 seats are on the bus.  About 20 are for Summit students.  The other 35 are for others on a first come, first served basis.  Email Larry Dean ( the following information about students who want to be on the bus:  name, phone number, email. It will leave early on Sun July 27 (with a stop somewhere fun, suggestions are welcome) and return on the afternoon of Sat Aug 2.  Cost will be somewhere under $100, and you will need to sign up for the $55 Pre-Convention Housing for Sun July 27 at Emory.
  • Nora Murphy ( is the contact person for the Cleveland people. Cleveland flight information:  Akron/Canton, 7/27 AirTran (7:45 pm) and Atlanta, 8/2 Hopkins Frontier (4:25 pm). You will need to sign up for the $55 Pre-Convention Housing for Sun July 27 at Emory.
  • Emelie Inderhees ( is the contact person for the Cental region. Columbus flight information:  CMH, 7/27 AirTran #5154 (10:55 am) and Atlanta, 8/2 AirTran #5040 (1:55 pm). You will need to sign up for the $55 Pre-Convention Housing for Sun July 27 at Emory.

Congratulations to the winners of the $100 OJCL Scholarships to attend the NJCL Convention! This year set a record for the most applications. Checks for the winners will be mailed this week.  (4-7-2014)

  1. Sameer Apte (Shaker Heights)
  2. Will Beatrez (St. Edward)
  3. Julia Dean (Summit)
  4. Tullus Dean (Summit)
  5. Joseph Delamerced (Summit)
  6. Tino Delamerced (Summit)
  7. Will Emery (Granville)
  8. Allison Kao (Shaker)
  9. Caroline Klette (Summit)
  10. Ben Robertson (Shaker)
  11. Narayan Sundararajan (Shaker)
  12. Jocelyn Ting (Shaker)
  13. Connor Tomshack (St. Edward)
  14. Sara Zandvakili (Indian Hill)

Here is the information about OH Certamen Tryouts and Summit Summer Latin Program.  The teams will compete at the NJCL Convention at Emory University (Atlanta GA).  The document also includes information about the Summer Latin Program run by Certamen Coach Larry Dean at Summit.  (4-4-14)

Congratulations to the new Gubernators selected last night at a cyber meeting of the OJCL Executive Board!  (3-24-14)

  • SW – Sara Zandvakili (Indian Hill)
  • NE – Allison Kao (Shaker Heights)
  • NW – Will Beatrez (St. Edwards)
  • Central – Tim Goldenberg (Granville)

Shaker Heights teacher Nora Murphy is hosting a gathering for Latin teachers on May 7 at her home.  All Latin teachers of all levels are invited!  (3/23/14)

Ecce!  Tibi OSCL pecuniam dare vult!  Seniors can now apply for the OSCL Book Award. Deadline is Fri April 11.  (3/23/14)

Applications for the 6 appointed positions (4 gubernators, editor, historian) are due by Thurs March 20.  And congratulations to Katarina Packis (Westlake) who was selected by the Executive Board to fill the vacancy at 2nd VP!

Now available:  the application for the 10 $100 scholarships to the NJCL Convention – deadline is March 24.  (3-10/14)

Certamen schedules and results! It’s like Latin ESPN! (3-7-14)

Here is the 2014 OJCL Convention Program by Secretary Emily Haussler, and here is the 2014 OJCL Convention Program for the convention. (3-3-14)

Here is the Feb 2014 OJCL Torch by Editor Jane Klaus (Ursuline Academy).  (3-3-14)

2014 Convention Announcements (2-13-14):

Pre-Convention Deadline MOVED to Monday, Feb. 10th. (from Mrs. I, 2/6/14)

The pre-file form for OJCL elected office is now live:  Applications are due February 5th.  (from Parliamentarian Will Emery, 1/13/14)

Registration & Payment Deadlines for 2014 OJCL Convention (from Mr. I, 1/11/14)

  • 1 February:  Online Registration
  • 8 February: 50% of fees due, deadline for withdrawal with 100% reimbursement
  • 15 February: deadline for withdrawal with 50% reimbursement
  • 7 March: 100% of fees due by arrival at Convention

2013 Announcements, News, and Deadlines

The Shaker Heights Certamen will be Feb 2 2014.  (1/7/14)

Parliamentarian Will Emery created this document to explain the duties of the various offices of the Executive Board. (12/2/2013)

On Dec. 1 2013, the Executive Board passed an amendment to the By-Laws involving the duties of the 1st and 2nd VPs.  Service will be a duty of the 2nd VP beginning with the election of the 2015-2016 officers at the 2015 OJCL Convention.  Click here for the full text of the amendment. (12/2/2013)

OJCL Treasurer Narayan Sundararajan has give each of the 3 GA’s a ‘spirit theme’ for the 2014 Convention.  Click here to print off more information.  (11/25/2013)

Here is the UPDATED Cleveland certamen schedule (10/19/2013):


OJCL Editor Jane Klaus (Ursuline) has completed the Fall 2013 Edition of The Torch!  It contains detailed information about the 3 regional MADD events, articles about nationals, and much more.  (10/1/13)

Interested in giving 1 of the 6 ‘Opening/Closing Speeches’ at the 2014 OJCL Convention?  There are 6 speeches total – 1 to open the 3 General Assemblies, 1 to close them.  3 of the slots are already filled:  NJCL President Danny Trunzo, OSCL President Logan Nagel, and OJCL President Tino Delamerced.  Contact OJCL President Tino Delamerced ( if you have something to say! (9/26/13)

Here is the Cleveland certamen schedule (9/17/2013):

  • Westlake Certamen (and Gift Wrap):  Saturday, December 14  11 am
  • Shaker Certamen:  Sunday, February 2nd,  1pm

Here is an article about the August 2013 retirement of long-time Latin teacher and OJCL sponsor William Prueter of West Geauga.  His school consistently placed 1st in the ‘Academic Per Capita’ competion at the State Convention. (9/16/2013)

Cincinnati Certamen Schedule for 2013-2014 (all certamen are on Saturday, from 9 am – 11ish am)

Here are a few new things (9/10/13):

Here is a list of important reminders about the UNLV Convention. (7/18/13)

Here is a suggested packing list for the 2013 NJCL at UNLV created by OJCL Treasurer Narayan Sundararajan. (7/9/13)

Below are the OH Competitive Certamen Teams for the 2013 NJCL Convention at UNLV.  Congratulationes et Optimam Fortunam! (7/3/2013)


  1. Tullus Dean (Summit)
  2. Patrick Fox (St. Edward)
  3. Soren Gran (St. Edward)
  4. Sam Katz (Shaker Heights)


  1. Will Beatrez (St. Edward)
  2. Alex Lathem (Westlake)
  3. Matthew McMillan (Shaker Heights)
  4. Anav Sood (Shaker Heights)


  1. Tino Delamerced (Summit)
  2. Jesse Campbell (Summit)
  3. Mollie Effler (McAuley)
  4. Ben Robertson (Shaker Heights)
  5. Adam Sichel (Indian Hill)

*Tino and Adam will play in every round; Mollie, Ben, and Jesse will rotate in different rounds

NJCL at UNLV!  (6/14/2013)

  • T-shirts:  The tshirt design is complete!  Everyone is expected to wear their OH tshirt at convention.  The cost is $11 with checks made out to ‘OJCL.’  Please click here to see the design, order the correct size, and get the address for the payment:
  • Spirit:  Click here for what to bring for OH Spirit at Nationals (by Narayan Sundararajan).
  • General Info:  Click here for general information about the OJCL officers (by Narayan Sundararajan).

Outgoing OJCL Editor Regina Merrill (Summit) has completed the 2013 Spring Torch.  Optime, Regina! (5/24/13)

Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati will all be having ‘End of the Year’ + ‘Looking Forward to NJCL Convention’ picnics.  All Latin students are invited to join the fun!  (5/15/13)

Here are the minutes for the OJCL Executive Board Meeting and the minutes for the OJCL Sponsors Meeting on April 20, 2013.  (4/27/2013)

Are you going to Nationals at UNLV and interested in trying out for the OH Competitive Certamen teams?  If the answer is ‘Ita Vero!’ then click here for full information about the tryouts.  Even if you are not going to Nationals or playing certamen, maybe you want to improve your Latin skills and knowledge of the classical world – there is a summer Latin program at Summit Country Day School in Cincinnati.  Come on in and join the summer fun!  (4/25/2013)

Congratulations to the 2 new members of the Executive Board who were appointed at the Spring Meeting (4/20/13):

  • Editor Jane Klaus (Ursuline)
  • Historian Will Beatrez (St. Edward)

The OJCL Executive Board selected the 4 Gubernators for next year at a recent ‘cybermeeting (4/8/2013):

  • Allison Kao, Shaker Heights (NE)
  • Eleni Packis, Westlake (NW)
  • Henry Bacha, Wellington (Central Belt)
  • Ra’ad Dawod, St. Xavier (SE)

The 16 winners of the $100 OJCL Scholarship to the 2013 NJCL Convention at UNVL have been announced!  Click here for the list.  (3/31/2013)

Interested in proposing a change in the OJCL By-Laws or an amendment to the OJCL Constitution?  Parliamentarian Will Emery wants to hear from you.  Click here to make a suggestion.  (3/25/2013)

Message about the selection of next year’s Gubernators and Editor and Historian from Parliamentarian Will Emery:  “We still have six appointed positions that need to be filled by the best and brightest in the OJCL. If you are a strong leader, avid administrator, or want to give back to the organization, please apply.  The open positions are: SE Gubernator, Central Gubernator, NE Gubernator, NW Gubernator, Torch Editor, and Historian. Interested students must email me ( an Appointed Officer Application by April 1 for Gubernators and April 15 for Torch Editor and Historian.” (3/21/2013)

The application for the $100 OJCL Scholarship for the 2013 NJCL Convention is now available.  It must be emailed to State Chair Larry Dean ( by 11:59 Mon March 25. (3/5/13)

OJCL Editor Regina Merrill has completed the Winter 2013 issue of ‘The Ohio Torch.’ (3/1/13)

Here are some announcements from the Feb 9 2013 Executive Board meeting regarding the 2013 OJCL Convention (2/13/13, updated 2/17/13):

  • Eveyone attending the convention must fill out this permission slip.
  • Project Linus will again be the charity for the convention – it will receive the proceeds from the ‘coin wars’ and will be the service project at the convention itself.
  • Send in pix to Historian Becky Steffen ( – PLEASE!  Becky has not received ANYTHING so far, and she needs stuff for the state scrapbook.
  •  The convention program itself and the ‘posters-with-schedule-posted-in-the-hallways’ will contain QR codes for Smartphones.
  •  There are 3 offices in a State of Emergency:  President (1 candidate), 1st Vice-President (no candidates), and Secretary (1 candidate).  If you have any students interested in these offices, contact Parliamentarian Bobby McDonald (  In addition, there will be vote at convention on 2 amendments to the OJCL Constitution.
  •  There will again be 4 Colloquia at Convention on Sat afternoon.  More info on these will be forthcoming:   Latin Storytime (OJCL President Heather Smith), Classics in the Movies (various OJCL officers), Music, Art, and the Classics (various OJCL officers); and Frescoes, Learn about them, then make one (Dr. Janette Knowles, Ohio Dominican University).
  • OJCL’s Got Talent! is back for its 2nd year!  Online is now available here.
  • Here are the official minutes from Secretary Tino Delamerced for the Feb 9 OJCL Executive Board Meeting.

Suggest a theme for the 2013 Convention here.  (2/5/2013)


  • Jan 26 – Convention Registration
  • Feb 1 – OJCL Membership (to be in ‘Good Standing’)
  • Feb 2 – Pre-Convention Projects
  • Feb 6 – Pre-File Forms for OJCL Elected Offices

2012 Announcements, News, and Deadlines

The Candidate Prefile Application is now available online. If you don’t see your school listed, remind your sponsor to submit your membership information. (12/11/2012).

The Creative Contest Documents 2013 for OJCL Convention 2013 have been posted.  View the “Creative Arts” tab for the complete PDF.  (11/14/2012)

The details for the OJCL Make a Difference Day Service Events for Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland are now finalized (10/2/2012).

Each of the 3 main OH areas – Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland – has released the local certamen schedule for the 2012-2012 school year (9/22/2012).

OJCL Editor Regina Merrill has published her 1st edition of the OJCL Torch (9/22/2012).

Here are the official minutes of the OJCL Executive Board Meeting on Sept 8, 2012 (9/8/2012).

Changes have been made to various projects (8/28/12):

  • Banner will now have students doing a short presentation to the judges to explain the subject matter and construction of the banner.
  • Short Film has been eliminated, but there are 2 new Pre-Convention Club Contests:  Music Video (on Julius Caesar) and Commercial (on Hercules).
  • Minor changes to Creative Arts have been highlighted in the rules.

Important dates for OJCL Executive Board (8/2/12):

  • Sat Sept 8, Fall OJCL Board Meeting
  • Sat Feb 9, Winter OJCL Board Meeting
  • Fri March 8 – Sun March 10, OJCL Convention [different from last year, and remember that officers are expected to arrive the evening of Thurs March 7]
  • Sat April 20, Changeover Meeting
  • July 22-26, NJCL Convention, Las Vegas

Mr. Dean’s daily updates on the 2012 NJCL Convention can be found here. (8/1/12)

Information about 2012 National Convention at Wake Forest in July has been posted here.  (5/29/12)

OJCL Editor Susan Wallace (Madeira) has completed her 3rd and final edition of the Torch.  Click here to see some great pictures & articles about the OJCL. (5/1/2012)

Both the OJCL Executive Board and the OJCL Sponsors had meetings on Sat April 21st (Rome’s 2,765th B-Day!).

  • Click here for a concise summary of the important stuff from Executive Board/Sponsors Meeting on April 21 2012 in Columbus.  (4/21/2012)
  • Click here for the official minutes from the Executive Board meeting by OJCL Secretary Tino Delamerced.
  • Click here for the official minutes from the Sponsors meeting by State Chair Larry Dean. (4/21/2012)

The Ohio Senior Classical League is accepting applications for its 2012 Book Award Scholarship.  The award is hundreds of dollars for book expenses at college.  It is for graduating high school seniors.  The deadline is Friday May 4th at 11:59 pm.  Click here to download the application.  (4/16/2012)

Academic tests and keys for 2012 and 2010 have been posted under Academics on the Contest Page. (3/5/2012)